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The Snow Turns to Rain ((Puppy Shipping))
Story published November 22, 2013 · updated November 24, 2013 · 3 pages · 93 readers · 334 reads
The Snow Turned in
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The Snow Turned into Rain. . .

**This is from Kaiba's Point of view**
        He drove me back to the gates of the Kaiba mansion, and we sat for a moment in the car. "I, I'm really gonna miss you, Seto." My heart fluttered in my chest when he said my name, and I looked back to him. "We should keep in touch." I shut my eyes tightly, and nodded. I felt a soft warmness on my lips, opening my eyes to look down at Joey, kissing me. Before I could react, he pulled back. I sighed, and opened the door. "Stay safe, Puppy." I said as he drove back down the street. 
        Again, I felt my heart falling apart in my chest, and rested against the gate. I felt a harder wet against my frozen face, and looked up, watching rain fall down from the dark sky. I opened the gates, walking somberly cross the field. I was soaking wet, the rain doing good to hide the tears falling from my eyes. I leaned against the wooden door, and felt like I was 16 again.
I let him leave me,
again. . .