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Ciel X Alois X Sebastian X Claude X Reader
Story published November 22, 2013 · updated 6 weeks ago · 83 pages · 34,324 readers · 410,742 reads
Giggles and Tickle
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Giggles and Tickles

Claude had finally gotten Alois into bed. His was face also bruised and battered, his tail coat ripped in various places as blood seeped from thin cuts. "I'm surprised you stayed..." Claude mumbled pushing his glasses up. You sighed with a nod, "There was no need for them to come... Ciel and Sebastian clearly knew I was upset" You crossed your arms over your chest. Claude hummed in response. "I'm going to let him get rest... You can stay if you'd like..." Claude mumbled before exiting. You watched him leave before walking into the bathroom and soaking a rag and went back to Alois and began wiping the dried blood from his face. 
Just as you wiped under his eye, they fluttered open. The ecstatic blue eyes you knew were dull and lifeless. Alois gasped as he noticed you. "______!" He called out. You smiled lightly, "Y-You stayed you... You didn't leave me..." Alois sat up, he let out a grunt but still hugged you. Hesitantly You hugged him back. "It wasn't right for them to come..." You explained once again. Alois winced and flopped back into the bed. His eyes watering, "It hurts so bad..." He mumbled. You sighed, that guilt feeling in your stomach again as you continued to wipe his face. Alois grabbed your hand and kissed it, "Thank you.." He said softly. Alois let go of your hand and closed his eyes. "Would you like some rest?" You asked. Alois nodded, but as you turned to leave Alois, once again grabbed your hand. "Don't leave me..." He said softly. You turned to face him, "Alois... Where will I sleep if you want me to st-"

"With me" Alois smiled weakly, although his eyes remained closed.

You stared at him, then sighed walking to the other side of the bed. "Thank you" Alois said. You nodded and climbed in, careful not to make too much movement. You laid down and sighed, Alois snored lightly making you chuckle. You closed your eyes and turned to the side. Alois turned also, but he let out a pained grunt and wrapped an arm around you. You winced at the action, but simply went with it... 


"Your Hig-" Claude's voice broke through your dream. Alois turned facing upwards rubbing his eyes. Alois's movement woke you up fully, you sat up and stretched. Claude watched you both before sighing. He poured a cup of tea and handed it to Alois. "You didn't offer our guest any Claude?" Alois asked quite harshly. Claude sighed and stood,

"Would you like some tea?" He asked.

You stared at the butler before shaking your head no. "She didn't want any." He grumbled unbuttoning Alois's night shirt. You stared ahead as Claude dressed Alois. They both didn't seem to care that you were in the room. Claude stood and bowed, Alois's night clothes at hand. Alois turned to face you, "What would you like to do today?" He asked with a smile. You shrugged, "Anything works..." You mumbled returning the smile. Alois placed a finger under his chin, then snapped his fingers. "Why not let fate take place and bring us something to do" He chimed. You slightly raised an eyebrow, then nodded in agreement. Alois giggled, "I'll leave you to get dressed-" Alois snapped his fingers drawing Hannah into the room, "-Hannah will assist you" He chimed before exiting at the side of Claude. Hannah looked at you, "I'm glad you stayed M'Lady, Alois seems awfully happy this morning" Hannah spoke softly as she picked out a dress. 
You nodded, "It was the least I could do" You chimed softly. Hannah chuckled, "When it comes to females, he doesn't particularly care for them" Hannah took your old dress off and tightened your courset. You grunted a bit at the pain, but since you'd fallen asleep in it. It didn't hurt that bad. Hannah put the fresh dress over you and nodded. "There you are M'Lady" Hannah smiled a bit, making you smile in return. Hannah opened the door for you as you exited, since you spent the night in Alois's room you had no idea where to go. Hannah chuckled noticing your confusion and gestured you down the hall with her. You turned and followed her till you reached a door. "They should be in there" She chimed softly taking a different direction. You nodded and opened the door. 

Alois's blue eyes shot in your direction. "Hello!" He chimed standing up and making his way towards you. "I'm surprised you didn't get lost" He teased linking your arm with his. You chuckled, "Hannah escorted me here" You said softly. Alois nodded, "I figured we should get some fresh air" He chimed. Alois opened the door to the garden and stepped aside to let you through. "Thank you" You said softly walking onto the stone path. Alois nodded in response and linked your arms together again. 

"It's such a beautiful day today" Alois gushed. You nodded in agreement, "The sun is high, the sky is blue, clouds are white... I could go on forever" You replied making him chuckle. 'Alois is really sweet...' You thought. Alois hummed picking one of his favorite blue flowers, and putting it in your hair. "That looks beautiful on you" Alois said softly.  Surprisingly, you felt a heat beam on your cheeks. "We should have a picnic" Alois suggested. "That's something to do" You replied with a shrug. Alois nodded, "I'll get Claude right to it!" He chimed. You glanced back. It was quite a far walk just to get back to the manor. "Claude!" Alois shouted. Within moments Claude stood before the both of you. "Your highness?" He asked with a bow. "Prepare a picnic basket, I don't care what it contains as long as it's food" Alois said. Claude bowed pushing his glasses up. "Yes, Your Highness" He said, and was gone just as fast as he'd appear. Alois giggled, "It won't take long" 

After a few, Claude returned with a woven basket filled with goods. "Here you are" He said pulling the checkered blanket out. Claude was done setting up, he bowed and was off. Alois giggled and sat down on it, gesturing for you to sit next to him. You smiled and sat down. Examining the different foods Claude prepared. Alois handed you a sandwich and grabbed him one before taking a bite. You smiled and took a bite also. 

After a while of talking and eating, You and Alois were both satisfied. Alois poked you, You stared at him before poking back. Alois grinned and poked you back making you poke him back. Alois laughed and poked you in your side making you scream and laugh. Alois froze as a devious grin crossed his features. "Your ticklish" He chimed. You blushed lightly, "N-No.." You stuttered grabbing your sides. Alois grinned and tackled you and pinned you down tickling your sides. You screamed out trying to get him off you but you were laughing too hard.

After a while of him tickling you, he finally slowed down and stared at your red face. He grinned looking at you. You wiped the tears from your face then casted him a playful glare. Alois played offended by your glare and leaned in pushing the hair from your face. "You're beautiful" He said softly bringing his face closer to yours. Lost in the ecstasy of the moment you didn't realize it. Alois grinned and pressed his lips to yours passionately. You melted into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck in pure bliss. You felt Alois smirk within the kiss, simply feeling the tug of his lip made you grin. Alois pulled away and got of you. You sat up, but realization hit you. 

You'd just kissed Alois Trancy.

Photos and Stuff not mine.. But I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
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