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Tie Me Down (BxB/Student/Teacher) *In Proper Order*
Story published November 23, 2013 · 217 pages · 270 readers · 3,183 reads
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I have no clue how all of my chapters went from neat and orderly to this > Tie Me Down (BxB/ TeacherxStudent). Damn it, I had hoped it would be like 7 out order not all like 40-50. But I do need to say thank to : AshleyAndyFan AshleyAndyFan for pointing this out to me. Thank you, thank you a lot. Anyways here is the story again in proper order, also for any newbies no this isn't a 'stolen' thing Magic Men are mine and so are Nic and Ash the other one just bugged out on me. >.< So here it is, hopefully it's enjoyable again!

Also, sadly no more quirky titles....I just want get this back out there and I saved it under numbers not titles in my back up. Sorry!