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Taste Me- Diabolik Lovers One Shots
Story published November 25, 2013 · updated 3 weeks ago · 107 pages · 21,312 readers · 270,188 reads
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Yawning, you plopped onto your bed, exhausted from such a long day. You'd never done so many chores in one day, and you were already nodding off to sleep. There was more to do, a few more rooms to clean, but you could spare a few moments for a quick nap, could you not?

You awoke to the creaking of your mattress, the sinking and shifting of weight. Your eyes fluttered open, gazing sleepily over your shoulder.

"Ayato? What are you doing?"

"Shh! Don't talk." He ordered, forcing you to turn you head away from him.

You rolled your eyes. Vampires. Just a bunch of hot weirdos with sharp teeth and anger issues galore. At least it wasn't Kanato. You shuddered at the thought of the little creeper clinging to your back.

Ayato's arms tightened around you, "Cold?"

"Well, you're not exactly a space heater." You responded blandly, shifting slightly.

He traced a finger down your neck slowly, "I can imagine the perfect way to warm you up."

You blushed, "Shouldn't you be suggesting things like that to Yui? She is the bride after all."

The tip of his nose caressed the curve of your ear, his lips brushing your earlobe, soft breath whispering across unmarked flesh. "As are you."

"I'm the Underling, the second bride, Yui should be your first priority, not me." You corrected, a slight snap in your voice.

He chuckled, "Your jealousy is simply a-dor-a-ble."

You rolled over, "I am not jealous! What is there to be jealous of!?"

"Because Yui gets all our attention-"

"And she can keep it." You interjected.

"-All our affection-"

"Poor thing." You sighed in pity.

"-and you haven't even been bitten once." He finished, undeterred by your comments.

"Oh, please, that's a luxury I'm thankful to have," you scoffed and rolled your eyes.

He smirked and brushed his knuckles over the contour of your cheek. "You're so cute."

You blushed again, "Wh-what the hell!?"

Ayato laughed, pulling you even closer to him.

You snagged a pillow and hit the side of his head with it.

"Now [y/n], no need to be so difficult." He purred, catching your hand and kissing you knuckles. Before you could respond, he lifted your wrist to his nose, inhaling your scent. "Hmmmmm, smells delicious."

You shook his hand off and tried to pull away, "Ayato, stop."

He frowned, pulling you back to him, "How cruel [y/n], to deny me in such a cold way."

You rolled your eyes, "Oh boohoo."

Ayato's eyes narrowed on you, "You are too rebellious for your own good."

"Oh, bite me." You gasped, clamping a hand over your mouth. Sh*t! Had you really made such a massive error in a house full of VAMPIRES!?

His face lit up, "Gladly."

His lips skimmed over your collarbone as he inhaled your scent. He licked his lips, mouth hovering over your bare neck. "Lovely~" He breathed, moaning at the temptation. 

"A-Ayato!" You squirmed.

The red-head tsked, "If you do that then you'll end up hurting yourself." He pulled away and looked you in the eyes, "Relax, you're in good hands, I'll make it as painless as possible."

You stilled, shocked. Good hands? This possessive, blood crazy animal of a man? But, his eyes didn't have that hungry glaze they usually had when he bit into someone. They were calm, gentle.

"Ayato. . . what's wrong?" You asked.

He seemed startled by this. Remorse flashed in his eyes. Those beautiful green irises clouded with fear.

You'd seen that look before,"Ayato, did you have a nightmare?"

He gasped, "How did you-"

"My little brother used to come to me when he had a bad dream, he'd crawl into my bed and have me hold him until he fell asleep again." You reached out to him, smoothing your fingers over his hair methodically, "I'd do this to calm him down."

He stared at you, a light blush on his cheeks.

"Better?" You asked.

"Yes. . . No... Maybe." He mumbled, embarrassed.

You giggled.

Ayato's eyes flicked back to you and a smile lit his face, "You laughed!"

You blinked.

"I've never heard your laugh before, it's so cute." He said in bewilderment. You wondered if he had any clue what he was saying anymore.

You blushed cherry red.

The vampire looked at your face, watching you intently. He suddenly took hold of the hand that was stroking his hair. "That's not enough, I don't want you to treat me like your little brother. I'm a man, and I want you to treat me like one."

He yanked you closer by your wrist, your lips connected. He kissed you passionately, hands roaming your body.

You moaned, excited by the turn of events. Oh how you had wanted this for so long. You'd never admit it, no, not in a million years. But here, alone in your bedroom? Well, if he kept touching you like he was, you'd scream it at the top of your lungs if he asked.

He kissed your neck wildly, teeth scraping the surface of your skin. You shuddered at the feeling of his fangs at your throat.

There was a moment of hesitance, then he bit into your neck.

You body lurched at the strange sensation, not knowing what to make of it. What a feeling, his hands on you, his lips caressing your flesh, those teeth sinking into you.

His hips rocked against yours, hands massaging your thighs until your moans and whimpers mixed with the lust heavy air.

With no idea what else to do, you did the one thing you knew would drive a man crazy, you pressed your breasts against his chest and hooked your legs around his waist.

He pulled away from your neck, letting out a loud, husky groan. The sound was followed by a few labored grunts as he climbed on top of you, pressing every inch of his body against you.

"You feel so good." He whispered, lowering his head and yanking down the neckline of your night gown, biting into the swell of flesh peeking out of your bra.

"Ayato~" You clutched him closer as a small flash of pain lanced through you. You panted, wanting him to touch you even more.

He pulled his fangs from your body, licking the wound clean.

Taking the initiative, you yanked off his shirt, flipping the both of you over and straddling his lap. You wrapped your fingers over the sides of his waist and leaned forward. You kissed his neck, tongue slipping out to taste his skin.

He moaned your name, hands sliding up your thighs and stopping at the curve of your butt.

"I love you, Ayato." You whispered, trailing hot kisses down his torso to the edge of his jeans. You licked him, the idea making you a bit nervous, eyes flashing up to his face to see his reaction.

He was blushing like mad, eyes filled with hunger, lust, and surprise. "What did you say?"

You paused, not sure if you could say it again, but doing it anyways, "I love you."

In a flash, he was on top again, "Well, now you've done it. I'll have to punish you very heavily for saying it before me."

You blushed, grinning a little at the playful tone in his voice. "Oh, please do. But before you do-" Even though you had no fangs, even though it wasn't the same as what he'd done to you, you slid your arms behind his neck pulled him closer, biting his neck.

He grunted, surprised by your actions, loving the feel of your mouth, your teeth, your tongue, your hot breath, your everything.

You suckled on his skin, leaving a dark red mark on him.

You smiled in satisfaction, "There, you're mine now."

His eyes narrowed playfully on you, "Oh, really?"

"Try and deny it, it might be you being punished in the end if you do."

He smirked, lifting the skirt of your night gown, "I think I like that idea, but I'm in charge tonight." He loomed above your ear, whispering huskily, "And I'll make you scream my name, my sweet [y/n]. Tonight, you'll surrender to me completely."

"I'm yours already. Forever." You said, sighing in ecstasy as his hands introduced themselves to a very sensitive place.

That night, you found that Ayato never told a lie. As did the rest of the people in the house. . .

(Less description, more dialogue, if you didn't like it then feel free to ask that I rewrite it.)

Creatures of the night. "Unholy Monsters". They'd killed, they'd harmed, they'd brushed the brinks of insanity. And their final sin? Their final sin is you. For you will change the course of their life. And they will love you desperately, greedily, possessively, completely, diabolically. Does a love like this even end in happiness? . . .Well, guess you'll have to find out the hard way.