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One direction imagines
Story published November 25, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · 41 pages · 226 readers · 861 reads
He scares you at y
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He scares you at you hit him where it hurts. (liam & louis)

Louis: Louis jumped out at you all the time. It was no lie that he scared you so bad one time you actually peed yourself. He obviously thought it was hilarious. Every chance he got, you jumped. He planned a massive attack with a costume and everything. You had woken up one morning and were out of it. You were tired, emotional, and drained from work. You walked out of your room and into the bathroom. When you were finished in the bathroom, you lazily opened the door. Louis was standing there, dressed up in a scary costume and screamed. You screamed and in the process, your foot flew to his “lower regions.” He grabbed himself and went to the floor. You felt a little guilty, but you knew he deserved it. You watched him moan and groan before you bent down. “Are you okay?” He nodded but groaned. “I’ll get you ice and help you on one condition” You smirked. “What?” He moaned out. “No more scaring me or else I will RIP your balls off instead of just kick them” “No way” “Mhmm I’m going to go find food” You walked out to the kitchen and Louis finally yelled “FINE! GET ME ICE!” You laughed and got him ice, in hopes that he actually stayed true to his words.

Liam: Liam never scared you. If he did, he honestly didn’t mean too and would apologize until you shut him up. So, it wasn’t until the boys were over and you were in your room that he actually tried to scare you. The boys had gotten a little tipsy, nothing bad because you were there, when they decided to play Truth or Dare. Zayn had dared Liam to purposely scare you. Of course, he couldn’t back down. Liam wasn’t drinking because he never liked drinking around you, so he was just having fun and agreed to do it. He walked by your door and Zayn called for you. “What?!” You yelled “Come here and look at this please?” Zayn called back. When you walked out of your room, you walked and went to turn the corner, when Liam jumped out in front of you. You scream and out of reaction, your foot went up and nailed Liam right in the package. He yelped and fell to the ground, holding himself. “OH MY GOD LIAM!” You screamed, bending down beside him. “I’m so so sorry! I didn’t know you were there!” “It’s alright, I guess it’s what I get for trying to scare you huh?” You laughed and helped him up, getting ice. You gave it to him and kissed his cheek “Sorry, bro” “S’lright, it’s Zayn’s fault for the dare” You laughed and walked back to your room.