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The Ivy Alchemist~Edward Elric X Reader
Story published 10 months ago · updated 8 months ago · 14 pages · 1,353 readers · 5,850 reads
Moving on
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Moving on

You stared down at Trisha’s grave, letting warm tears fall from your face. You looked at the multiple flowers on her grave, which only made you cry harder. On a normal day, they would have smelled beautiful; but today, they made you sick. The sky was covered in a thick blanket of gray, and everything seemed to be faded and dark. “Ed, what are we going to do now?” Al asked, rubbing his eyes and burying his head in his knees. “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do…” He murmured, balling his hands into fists and choking back tears. “We’re going to get Mom back!” he yelled at the sky, tears falling like rain from his cheek.
After years of research and practice, you finally got the skill to preform Human Transmutation. You specialized in plant alchemy, making different types of plant life bend to your will. You were leaning in front of the massive transmutation circle Ed had drawn, scanning the pile of ingredients that the three of you had gathered. You were ten now, making Ed eleven and Al the same age as you. The three of you were lined up at the edge of the circle, your palms sweating out of anticipation. “Ok…” Ed cleared his throat, rubbing his hands together. “Let’s do this!” All of you slammed your hands in unison on the cold, basement floor. Light erupted from the lines of the chalk, yellows and blues swirling through the air. You stared in awe, watching the colors spiral together like paint. Eventually, your gaze wandered over to a pair of golden eyes, looking at the wonderful sight before him. Ed caught you staring at him, so you blushed and looked away; only to feel a warm hand grasp yours tightly. You looked up and saw Ed smiling sweetly at you, his grin getting wider and wider. Then you felt an eerie wind creep up your spine, making you shiver. The colors around you turned to purples and blacks, your (E-C) eyes widening as you remembered the threats and warnings people had given you. Soon enough, you felt a strong wind slam your body in a corner as you heard Al scream. You fell to the ground, blood pouring from the stump where your left hand used to be. You slowly lifted your injured head, watching Ed limp to where Al’s clothes were. You vision started faltering as you noticed Ed’s left leg had also disappeared. Using all the strength you had left, you lifted your head to see what you created, and to say the least, it was not human.
You woke up in a white room, leaning up against a metal looking door. There was a man sitting in the center, his pure white head tilted slightly. “W-who are you” you asked, your voice quivering slightly as you remembered what just happened. “I am Truth, my dear ____.” It answered, chuckling at your fear. “Where am I? And what have you done to Ed and Al!?” you asked, knowing this man had something to do with it. “It’s not what I’ve done.” It laughed. “It’s what you’ve done.” He said, pointing a finger at you. You stepped back, and pounded on the huge door behind you; hoping that would get someone’s attention. “Let me explain…You crossed into God’s territory, and everyone who does this has to pay a toll.” He said calmly, motioning to your lost hand. “But your toll wasn’t enough, so you’ll be staying with me for a while.” He spoke, his voice taunting you. “How did you know my name?” you asked, staring horrified at the ground. “I’ve been watching you for years, just waiting for something like this to happen.” He yawned, looking at the black creatures on your bloody ‘hand’. “So get comfortable.” He managed to say, before disappearing into thin air.
You don’t know how long you stayed there, but the floor beneath you turned to a window to the living world, allowing you to see all that happened while you were out. Truth was keeping your body in shape, preparing it for when you go back to the human earth. Al’s soul had been transferred to a gigantic suit of armor, and Ed had gotten automail to replace his lost limbs. They were currently staying at Winry’s house, waiting for you to wake up from the coma you were in. They would visit you every day, hoping and praying that you would come back to them. Ed blamed himself a lot, crying to you and kept repeating he was sorry, but you didn’t blame him at all. You watched happily as they practiced fighting, Al always ended up winning in the end…And you couldn’t wait till you got back.
At last the day had come, and Truth was letting you go. Tears of joy streamed down your face, thinking of their faces when they see you, as you were pulled into the big, metal door.
Light was the first thing you saw, as you opened your (E-C) irises to the world. Your senses came back slowly, your fingers tingling under the white bed sheets. You bolted upright, turning your head in different directions. You started wobbling towards the stairs, still not used to walking. When you took the first step, your foot lost hold of the stair and sent you tumbling down. “Ow!” you mumbled, rubbing your back where you fell. You looked up to see the shocked faces of Winry and Granny Pinako, staring at you in disbelief. Winry dropped her wrench in shock, and ran towards you; picking you up in a tight hug. “____!” she gasped happily, tears brimming at the edges of her eyes. “H-Hi” you stuttered, not knowing what to say. “I thought you weren’t going to wake up! Oh, just wait till the brothers hear this!” she said, pulling you along quickly; still making sure she didn’t hurt you. You stepped outside, the cool grass bringing a refreshing sensation to your feet as you were pulled to where Ed and Al were practicing. The first person you saw was Al, his steel head shimmering in the sunlight as he avoided Ed’s kicks. Then your eyes landed on him, his hair pulled into a ponytail as he fought. “Hey guys! You’ll never guess who I found!” Winry said, hiding you from view as the brothers directed their attention to her. “Ugh, enough with the games Winry!” Ed said, putting his arms around his head. “But I think you will like this one Edward.” Winry joked, slowly revealing you from behind her back. Ed’s eyes widened and Al gasped, as you smiled to them. “Hi guys, I’m back!” you said, tucking a piece of loose hair behind your ear. 

AUTHOR NOTE- hello my readersyes just wanted to say thank you, and nothing belongs to me. Please leave suggestions on what should happen next, and i will try to put in in the storysmiley Thank You again!