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My Kitten~( Reader x Black Butler )
Story published November 30, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 27 pages · 2,093 readers · 11,913 reads
His Kitten, Findin
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His Kitten, Finding a home

(y/n)=Your Name
(l/n)= Last Name
(H/C) = Hair Color
(H/l)= Hair Length 
(e/c)= Eye color
(s/c)= Skin Color
(c/c)= Cat color
I don't own Kuroshitsuji! I own Damon~


Narrator's P.O.V

You were a Neko ,stuck in a Lab where men in white suits test on you. You barely remember anything about yourself or how did you get here. 
You Only know that your Name is (y/n) (l/n) and that you were taken to this place at the age of 5. You never spoke and always had a blank expression on your face.  One day, A man in a whites suit came to your room. 

"How are you today ____?" He says with a smile

You look at him with your blank expression.

"Well today we are going to try something different." 

You tilt your head in confusion "?" 

"Come now, we are going to do the experiment soon"

You stood up and followed the man in white to the room you knew so well. It Had a table where they strapped you in and other stuff.

"Come sit on the table ____" said a Man in a doctor mask

you hesitated at first but sat on the table. They Strap you down and set you up for what looked like an operation. Suddenly the Doctors were pulled out of the room for a meeting, leaving you on the table with Barely any lighting.From behind the door, you could hear them whispering. You may not have spoken but you understood what people were talking about.You could make out a few words "____"Can't" Survive" "Kill" Cat"

You knew exactly what they were going to do next! You struggled to free yourself from the straps but failed. You looked around to find anything that could help you get out. You found a scalpel! You used your tail to grab it and cut the ropes. You were Free! But seeing as the Doctors were Blocking your only escape, You hid, waiting for them. The doctors came in and to their surprise you weren't on the table. You Dashed out through the halls, running for dear life, ran out the Door and to the forest. After a while of running you stopped in front of tree. It looked rather dark and gloomy but also calm at the same time. You rested under the Dark tree taking in what just happen when suddenly you heard foot steps. Your (color) cat ears twitched and tried to figure out where the foot steps were coming from. Soon a tall man, By the age of maybe 16, Stood in front of you. You stood up and was in a defense position, your Cat ears narrowed Down, your long tail swaying in annoyance. This Man had wild,shoulder length hair with one extra long piece that fell by the side of his face. Almost like silvers ,and Golden eyes that seem to be staring into my very soul. He had an unusual piece of attire. A hat with hearts ,clovers and cards.

"Why Hello there young miss, what are you doing out here all on your own?" The stranger asked

You just stared at him with a blank expression but still in a defense position.

"Hmm? Is something wrong miss? Can you speak?"

You shook your head indicating 'No'

The Man Looked at you for a while then smiled.

"Well pardon my manners, I forgot to introduce myself! My Name is Damon Sin! It's a pleasure to meet you! You have such cute ears!" He said with a smile

you looked confused. Why didn't this man find you weird? Why didn't he scream at your ears and tail?

"Miss? Where is your Family? They must be looking for you yes?" He said

Again you didn't say a word, instead you looked down and tears began to fall from your eyes.

~~~Damon's Point of view~~~~~~

When i asked the young Neko a question i saw tears coming from her eyes. When i saw her tears something inside of me told me to take care of her. This was unusual For Demon such as I! But i always trust my senses.

"Young Miss, if you like, would you like to come back home with me? I'll Take care of you and feed you and give you a nice home" I said with a smile

the Neko Looked up at me and nodded slowly. For some strange Reason i was happy that she accepted my invite. 

"Shall we go? Miss.....uh...?"

Knowing that i didn't know her name. She bent down and wrote in the Dirt. '____ ____'

"Shall we go miss ____?" I asked stretching my hand for hers

she nodded once again and took my hand and we began walking to my Manor.

~~~~Readers Point of View~~~~~~~~

Time skip~

We soon arrived at a big Manor and as we walked to the door, I notice a snake crest on the door.I Looked at Damon with a question Look.
Damon looked at Me and said

"That crest represents who i am. For I am The Queen's Snake" He simple said

He then Opened the door and we were welcomed by a Man ,no older then 21,  Greeting us.He had a dirty blonde hair and Brown eyes.

"Welcome home young master, if I may ask, Where did you find such a cute Girl?" He asked after he bowed.

"I found her while walking to my favorite tree,Her name is ____ ____. Please see to it that she is properly dress and taken care of. I will be waiting in my studies. Also She can not speak" Damon said. He looked at me with a reassuring smile and told me to follow the man. When i walked up to the man He smiled then Bowed at me.

"Greetings my Lady, My name is Steven Larks. And I am the Butler of the Sin Family. It's a Pleasure to meet your acquaintance " He said smiling at me. I nodded in return.

He showed me to my new room and helped me  bathe and get dress. I was now wearing a black & white Lolita dress that went down to my knees and with complicated designs. I had a big ribbon tied to my waist and a little head band with white roses on my head.I also wore long whit stockings and  black shoes. I must admit...I looked pretty cute. When Steven was done helping me , He excused himself to prepare Dinner. I was now in my new room alone and it was quiet. I didn't really liked this silence so I went out of my room to find Damon. I knew his scent already so i followed it to a certain room where it was the strongest. I knocked three times before i heard a 'come in'. I saw Damon by his desk looking down at some papers. He slowly looked up and smiled at me.

"My, my ____! You look so adorable!!!" He said while walking to me. I could feel my face getting a bit red and looked away. Mr Steven's had already left to finish up dinner.

"Haha awe! Don't look away! Hey I have a surprise for you!" He said in a cheerful voice. i looked at him with a confusion look on my face. Just then, we both heard 3 knocks on the door. Damon said his 'come in' and There stood Steven.

" Young master, Lady ____, dinner is served" He said while smiling

I turned to him and nodded 

"Well _____ Shall we go?" He said stretching his hand out for mine, like the first time we met.

I smiled nodded once again and took his hand. We walked to the Dinning Room and he pulled out a chair for me. We both took out seats and waited for Steven to bring out our food. When Steven came back, He had a bunch of food On a tray and started to place them on the Table. He opened the lids to every dish and i just stared in amazement.

"Well ____, Dig in! Please have as much as you like!" Damon said with a bright smile on his face.

~~~~~Damon's Point of View~~~~~~~~

I watched as Steven put food on ____ plate. Seeing ___ Reaction to the food was pretty cute. when she first tried it, Her eyes Opened wide and she was blushing. I found my self smiling at her and she looked at me. To my surprise she Smiled back at me. This was the first time she ever showed me any emotions and i was quite pleased with that. Soon after Dinner, I asked ____ a question.

"_____, would like to live here with me? It can get lonely sometimes here by myself and it would be great to have a friend with me. " I said nervous about her answer. I just hoped it didn't sound like i was calling her a pet or proposing to her. XD. She simple looked up at me with those sparkling  (e/c) orbs and nodded rapidly.

"Great!!! Now come here! I have to give you Your surprise!" I said with excitement.

____ Walked up to me and i stood up.

"Now ____, Close your eyes and no peaking!" She did what i said and i took out a Ribbon Collar and tied it around her neck.

"There! Now whenever you're lost, People will know where you belong! Especially since you don't speak." I said. She looked up at me with a teary smile and i hugged her.

She hesitated at first but hugged back.

And that's when i knew , I would have a someone to call 'Friend'


Hoped you liked it!
I don't own anything except for Damon, Steven, and the creation of this story