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Demon Lust - Bxb
Story published December 2, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 33 pages · 178 readers · 1,428 reads
Chapter 1 bad brak
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Chapter 1 bad brake up!

Ok so this is a BxB story so if you don't like it DONT READ IT! anyways in the photo is Roxas BEFORE the b*tch Broklyn (no offence if your names Broklyn!) but this IS a bxb I just have a sucky summery I guess its .....Roxas x Lucifer (-_- yes the other boy was named Lucifer) NOWWWWWW let begin shall we?

*a few hours before the break up* 

I walked out of school and saw Broklyn standing there waiting for me "What took you so long I said you be out here AT 2:05 NOT 2:15 so doooo you have an explanation!?" "school doesn't actually let out up till 2:12 and top lockers are first and your a top locker so you got out here faster" I said looking down then she sighed ".... Fine come on whe have to go shopping" "u-um may I ask something?" "UGHHHH WHAT!?" "w-why d-do I have t-to go?" "because YOU need to tell me what I look good in for the school prom ... oh and we need to get something for you" I nod

ok so I may know what your think ... why an I dating here well... easy question because she was NOT like the way she was back then. Back then she laughed at my jokes and didn't give me a time to be out side! she never went to prom but.... all that changed because of her friends they told her that I was gonna break up with her so she had to "take control" so I would stay with her but I was NEVER gonna do that.

then they told her that all guys worry about is to win the prom....But that's not always true they also told her that if she won that she would get laid by me! u......m no I wouldn't do her .... yes we have been going out for 2 years but im not ready so now all she talks about with her friends is having sex!

now that's go back to reality where now I'm in the mall..... I foucused into reality and we where at pretty in pink a ALL. PINK. STORE! the girls hair where pick girls close were pink and even girls DOGS where pink! ugh I HATE pink I don't know why but I do! "BABE!" I snaked my attention to Broklyn "how do I look?" "amazing" "that's the same thing you've said for the last 42 outfits I tried on"

it was actually 50 outfits! then she went back into the changing room and tried on  one more then she came out once more wearing a white and pink dress that was REALLY short and it was strapless! "how do I look?" "HOTTTTT" she smiled "then I'll get this one!" she jumped to the counter ..... the truth is I REALLY don't like that dress but if it's the only way to get her to go then I have to lie! I didn't want to but I had to i couldn't just sit there for another 500 dresses!

when she was done she walked back over to me "NOWWWWW its time to go fine you a tux's" oh no she grabbed my hand a dragged me over to were the tux's were "how about this on... or this one ...or how about this one" No No No there all pink NO GUY WANTS TO WEAR A PINK TUX'S! "um c-can we get a black one?" "WHY THEN WE WOULDNT MATCH NOW WOULD WE!? HMMM SO MAYBE YOU WOULD LIKE TO DUMP ME RIGHT" "n-no I was jus-" "FINE THEN ME AND YOU ARE OVER!" she ran out of the store crying.

everyone in the store glared at me "go" said the worker then I left when i got home my dad pushed me to the wall "LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" he pointed at mom and she was crying "YOU NEED TO BE TOUGHT ON HOW TO TREAT A GIRL ...first you NEVER DUMP A GIRL and ALWAYS do what she says so if she tells you to jump of a cliff you do it GOT IT! and WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE BAD GRADES?"

"can I please go -" "GO TO YOUR ROOM.....AND NO DINNER FOR YOU TONIGHT!" I walked up stairs and went to the bathroom and grabbed my black hair die then i died my hair and put half of it in my eye then I went to bed

.....the next morning I wolk up and saw a plane ticket on the table and beside it was a paper that had my name on it and ALL my info on it then it said that I was gonna be transferred ....GREAT then my mom and dad came in

"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR.... never mind Roxas pack up you're moving to England there's a reform school there" "but I d-" "so go come on lets go" a few minutes later I was on a plane to England and guess who was sitting right in front of me .....Broklyn she was on the computer and complaining to the fly attendant that she cant turn of the computer because she needed it!

then I LOVED what the fly attendant did next she hit the power button  on broklyns computer I chuckled to myself and plugged in my headphone's to the mini TV in the seat and listened to Peirce the Veil's song 100 sleepless nights and after a few hours later I was in England then Broklyn looked directly at me Oh no wait my hair's black and my eye's are blue......

broklyn never liked my blue eyes so I wore brown contacts then she turned around and kissed a boy then when I got into hearing distance I listened into there conversation "so you dumped him?" "yep all for you babe!" then I felt hurt that she was just pretending...... m-maybe I should switch? no, no that's insane.... I think but who knows maybe a guy would treat me better!

then iIgot a carpool to the reform school named Diavolul se va Ridica prep ... hmm Romanian name! .... I think the school in English is Devil Shall Rise prep HAHA funny name.... when I got in side I got sent into the prince - ables  office "please sit down Roxas" I nodded and sat down "so the reason that your here is because you suffer from schizophrenia and -" I keep shaking my head but the teacher wouldn't shut up

so when the office door opened I snapped I grabbed the desk and flipped it "I DONT SUFFER FROM SCHIZOPHRENIA THATS JUST A LODE OF SH*T MY PARNTS TOLD YOU SO I WOULD LEAVE THE GOD DAM HOUSE!" "u-um we have a-a student here" i looked out of the cornor of my eye and saw a guy with Black hair and snake Bites on his lips and he was looking at me! "WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME LUCIFER!?" "he exploded the cemicals on purpose in scince then made the other kids do it!"

"Lucifer you have detention for 2 weeks" he smiled "so" "fine scratch that you have to take the new kid around school" then he frowned then she put her desk back up and pushed me out the door with Lucifer
this Chapter was the opening and this story will get better ! promise....cya later! oh and please ♥ BYEEEE

I need love and affection not hate and rejection