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Demon Lust - Bxb
Story published December 2, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 33 pages · 167 readers · 1,319 reads
Chapter 11 four Is
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Chapter 11 four Is NEVER a crowd

Chapter 11 hope you like pick its from Rinmaru games


I opened my eyes and looked around and saw Abaddon, Azreal, and Lucifer on my bed listening to music then Azreal looked at me and hoped off the bed walking towards me then kissing my forhead and sat next to me

"you ok? you passed out after we hugged you"

"yea I think its cause of the heat mark"

I liked up my shirt and it was still there but it was faded


"yep that's because Makhail and I have been took the heat out of it so it should disappear in a few days"

"3 days tops"

Azreal nodded at Abaddon

now if you need a cetch up here

Mikhail A.K.A Abaddon is Lucifers demon
and Raphael A.K.A Azreal is my demon

"so....are we"

they all nodded then Lucifer spoke up

"yep and I beat the crap out of Damian so no more him" I nodded (O and one more thing we have school but we decide to do it online even know where in the school :) )

"well we all did"

"yea Lucifer don't take all the credit!"

I giggled at them and they looked at me

"hey Roxas do you want to learn more about up like what we like?"


Azreal smiled "Mikhail's favorite colors Red, he loves wolves, fave food.....well he doesn't have one,.. his second favorite colors black, he's not a virgin, and his Lovers are me you and Lucifer"

Abaddon smiled and pulled Azreal into a kiss and then broke it and looked to me "Rapheal's favorite colors ocean blue, He loves lynx's, he doesn't have a favorite food either, his second favorite color is Midnight black, Hes also not a Virgin and his lovers are me you and also Lucifer"

"hmmm" I nodded "favorite holiday"


"Valentines day"

"favorite person"

"can were pick 2 people?" I nodded

"Rapheal and you"

"Mikhail and you"

"awww I feel so loved"

"hey what about me!?"

"your are the 3ed favorite person"


I yawned "im tired"

"haha then go back to sleep"

I nodded and layed down with Azreal and Abaddon along with Lucifer and we fell asleep
sorry its so short I was gonna make it longer but then I went out to get lunch with my mom and the A GUY CRASHED INTO US! so yea...I wasn't feelin like making it longer but yea....BYE

I need love and affection not hate and rejection