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Demon Lust - Bxb
Story published 11 months ago · updated 2 months ago · 33 pages · 155 readers · 1,225 reads
Chapter 6 kiss my
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Chapter 6 kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

 Lucifer do you like my drawing? and I'm sorry if I have way more type errors it's because I'm on my tablet..... so yeah just so you know


I  woke up in the middle of the night to see me being held down by Lucifer, my eyes widened "L-Lucifer wha-"

"shhhh  mon amour (French for my love) tonight I shall faire l'amour mon amour (French for make love to you my love)" my eyes widened

Then he started to kiss my neck "L-Lucifer s-stop" no matter how much I begged for him to stop but he wouldn't so I kneed him in the crouch and smacked him. He jolted away.

"What the hell just happened." "You were saying weird things in French. I knew it was French but I had no idea what you were saying then you started to kiss my neck, it was confusing." He smirked a bit.

 "Sorry about that, sometimes I just can't contain myself." He nervously chuckled before sliding off of me.

I sat up on my knees when he did. "No," I said in a serious tone. "That's not you. I know you."

 He raised a dark eyebrow at me then shook his head. "We just met a couple days ago. You don't know me." He chuckles. Suddenly his glare became serious.

 "Anyways, just go back to bed. I'll leave you alone." I rolled my eyes.

 "That's not what I'm worried about, idiot. I'm worried about you."

 "Who was that just a minute ago?"

 "Me. That was me. Now just forget it and go back to bed already, yeah?"

 "No!" I snap. "Tell me who the hell was that?! It certainly wasn't you." 

 He suddenly pinned me down on the surprisingly soft bed. "I said go back to sleep!" He growls and clenches his teeth. His voice sounded a bit watery. That's definitely not Lucifer.

 His face softened as he suddenly jumped off and went towards his bed. As if nothing just happened.

 "Never mind I'll just go take a shower." He murmured.

Lucifer's POV

 The warm liquid dripped down my soaked body. I suddenly heard a voice, but couldn't make out what they were saying. I turned the water off slowly as the words became clear.

 "And when you say "I'm not okay"
I left my phone in the cab
now you cant get me.

I'm only getting started
I won't blackout
This time I've got nothing to waste
Let's go a little harder
I'm on fire
I wont Blackout
I'm on my way
I'm only getting started" Roxas' voice sang softly. I smiled at the wonderful voice. After I got dressed I came out to Roxas humming softly. We both climbed in bed and wished each other a goodnight. I wonder what's in store for us tomorrow.

I need love and affection not hate and rejection