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War vs Love (Carl Grimes Fan-fic)
Story published December 5, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 29 pages · 1,398 readers · 10,508 reads
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Carl and I walked to Rick and sat next to him. Carl on one side, Me on the other. "What are you guys doing?" Rick asked. "Sitting" Carl said. Rick looked over at me and I smiled. Rick laughed. "Guys, Just, Could you give me a minute?" Rick asked, Carl and I nodded and walked away. "We will be back in 1 minute" I said. Carl looked at me sheepishly. "What? He said 1 minute!" I said. Carl chuckled as Lizzie came up to us. "Hey Carl" Lizzie said. She looked over at me. "Katherine" She said. "Lizzie" I said. Lizzie turned back to Carl. "Anyway, Me and my sister are going to go catch some fish, Wanna come?" Lizzie asked. "Who are you going with?" Carl asked. "Maggie and Beth" Lizzie said. Great, My 2 sisters. "Oh, Well, I don't think I can go" Carl said. "Why not?" Lizzie asked. "Cause, I can't just leave Katherine" Carl said. Lizzie looked over at me, Then back to Carl. "She could come" Lizzie said. Carl looked over at me, I smiled weakly. "Fine" I said. Lizzie frowned and walked off. Carl and I sat on a log. Carl stood up and looked around, He soon starting to look around and walking to place to place. "Carl. Are you Okay?" I asked. Carl looked over at me. "Katherine...?" Carl trailed off. I stood up. "Yeah?" I asked. "Look where we are!" Carl Yelled. I looked around and didn't notice anything. "What?" I asked. "Were in the same place we were 3 years ago! Our first camp!" Carl said. I looked around, Relizing it. But obviously, I looked like I still didn't know. Carl came to me, Up to my face. "Where Amy died" Carl said. I looked in his blue eyes. "I remember" I said. Carl smiled. "The..The little beach thing. It's still here. It has to be" I said. Carl smirked. "That's where Lizzie and the others are going fishing" Carl said. I smiled and nodded. Carl hugged me around my waist. I hugged back with my hands over his neck. He pulled away and looked into my Green eyes, I could kinda feel him reading my mind. I smiled as Carl started leaning in.
Our lips almost touched as Lizzie showed up. Carl and I quickly pulled away. Lizzie walked to us. "What's wrong?" Lizzie asked, Noticing our blushes. "Nothing." Carl answered. Lizzie Frowned. "Anyway, We are ready to go the boat. Everybody has to share 1" Lizzie said. Carl and I smiled and followed.
On our way there, Following Lizzie, Carl gently grabbed my hand. I blushed and Held his hand.
When we got to our boat, Carl let go of my hand and helped Maggie set it. Maggie smiled and me . I smiled back. "Alright, Everybody here" Maggie said, Handing each of us fishing poles. "I don't wanna anymore" Lizzie's sister said, As she ran off.
Maggie frowned and gave Carl, Lizzie and me Fishing poles. "You may go!" Maggie yelled, Carl helped Lizzie up onto the boat. I rolled my eyes and got on after him. Carl sat next to Lizzie on 1 side and left me by myself on the other. I frowned and put my fishing pole in the water.
After 3o minutes of us being on the water, I couldn't take it. I just kept looking at the beautiful blue water, Listening to Carl and Lizzie giggling and laughing together. After a while, I looked over at them and saw them holding hands and Lizzie kissing Carl in the cheek. I frowned and thought I had enough. I grabbed my fishing pole and put it on the floor board of the boat, I looked over at Carl and Lizzie who were starring at me. I took the Picture out of my pocket, With Carl and me. I threw it at Carl, He caught i tin his hands. "Hope you to enjoy each other" I said, Jumping into the water and swimming back to shore , To walk back to Camp.\



Hey Guys, I got so much to Say and this is REALLY important for you to read, Anyway. This week I will be updating as much as I can!. Because in February I will be moving to another place, And I'm not gonna be able to update as much, Hardly ever.
So, Anyway, I am trying to create other stories on here before I move, So I can do what I want. And when I move, I'm not gonna update so much. I'm gonna update VERY little. And I have Ideas for stories. So, This is very important.
Thank you all! <3 I couldn't have done it without your support.