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The Frozen Sister
Story published December 5, 2013 · updated December 30, 2013 · completed · 12 pages · 4,090 readers · 27,628 reads
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        "Great job Elsa. We will try again tomorrow." I told four year old Elsa. Mom was almost ready to have the new baby. I told her she should name it Anna even though she wants it to be Lena.
        "But I want to keep going." Elsa whined. "Please Nina." I shook my head.
        "Sorry kiddo, but you need your strength if you want to continue tomorrow." She pouted, but followed me back into the castle.
        Maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Nina. I am the older sister of Elsa. She has power over the winter. Me? I get the power over summer. It's because of me that it is almost always summer in our kingdom. It's also my doing that Elsa doesn't turn everything into an eternal winter. I have been teaching her how to control her magic. So basically, teaching her how to control her emotions. The one thing I've noticed around her is that when she gets mad or upset, her magic gets out of control.
        I am sixteen -turning seventeen tomorrow - years old. Also the day of my coronation. Yep, I will be queen soon. I couldn't care less, I just want to make sure Elsa will be alright. In a few weeks, I am supposed to marry Prince Shawn of the Southern Isles. (one of Prince Hans older brothers. I made up the name though) Of course, the marriage has been arranged, I've never actually met him yet. I don't want it, and neither does he. We both have our own loves. I wish to marry a boy I met in the kingdom. His name is Rynold. (rie-noe-ld) Prince Shawn has a lovely girl named Kiana back in his kingdom. At least, that's what he told me in some letters.

        So now that you know a little about me, you might want to get back to the story. Where was I? Oh yeah.
        The next day I put on a dress my hair. Today is my birthday/ coronation day. The day I have been dreading for a few months now. I get to meet Prince Shawn and his brothers, get married, coronated, and become a year older in less than 12 hours. Exciting right? Maybe for you.
        You see, I don't want to be queen or get married to a complete stranger. I don't want to meet a bunch of people who I will never remember their names too and I certainty don't want to be a princess. Ruling just... isn't me. I would rather stay with my sister and soon -to-come-sibling all day, teaching them, than ruling an entire kingdom. I've thought about running away, but couldn't leave Elsa.
        I walked up the isle and stood in front of Mom and Dad. Elsa stood to the side with an angered look on her face. My eyes widened.
        'Calm down Elsa. Please.' I mouthed. She shook her head and ice flew everywhere. I knelt to the ground as one of them hit my heart. Coldness enveloped me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my hair turn pure white. Arms wrapped around me.
        "I'm so sorry Nina. I didn't mean it."
        "It's alright Elsa. Just relax." I turned to my parents.  "Send everyone home. I will not be coronated today."
        "But-" Mother started. Father put a hand on her shoulder and silenced her. I stood up and walked to my room, feeling colder by the second. A few hours later, Elsa came in and I was shivering.
        "Nina, I'm so sorry." She had tears running down her face. I opened my arms and she ran into them. We hugged each other close.
        "Elsa. What has happened.... isn't good. This won't be a nice thing for you to hear but... When the ice flew everywhere, one of them hit me." I pulled back, hands on her shoulders, and looked her in the eye. "Elsa, you froze my heart. Slowly I will freeze until I am nothing but a statue of ice. Nothing can break something like that. Well, that's not entirely true. True love will unfreeze my heart. But that is the one thing I don't have." She was crying harder.
        "How do I help you?" She said crying.
        "Just don't forget me, okay? Always remember me and what I taught you. Promise me Elsa."
        "I promise." I kissed her head and stood up.
        "I love you Elsa."
        "I love you too." I walked out of the room and into a hidden room no one but me and Elsa knew about. The cold feeling became strnger, until.... Nothing.