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The Farmer's Daughter
Story published December 6, 2013 · updated December 7, 2013 · 4 pages · 66 readers · 169 reads
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Melissa Leigh Kane
Age: 19
DOB: 20th May 1994
School: Home-Schooled
Likes: Union J, The Vamps, Little Mix, One Direction
Dislikes: OTT fans (Over The Top)
Family: Sam Kane(Dad) Kelly Kane(Mum, Died)
Personality: Animal Lover, Athletic, Cheeky, Fun Loving, Hyper.
Hobbies: Helping around the farm, Horse-Riding, Dancing, Singing, Art.
Pets: 3 Dogs, 1 Cat, 2 Horses
Farm Animals: Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Chickens, more horses, Rabbits etc.
I currently live on a farm in Texas, USA, i am a only child my mum died when i was 4 as she was driving the tractor....ever since my mum died i was home-schooled by my Aunt. my only friends are my favourite horse and dog
Horses: Maize and Midnight
Dogs: Rosie, Winter and Cody
Cat: Sheba
House: My house
My Bedroom:Love my room Kitchen:
Cool Living Room: Hi
Bathroom: The Bathroom
Stables: Horses Stables
Barn: The Barn  
The Fields/Yard: Meh