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Deadly Love *A Carl Grimes Fanfic *IN PROGRESS
Story published 11 months ago · 2 pages · 68 readers · 140 reads
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 Hope.A/N so Oh mer gawd isn`t this picture describing this beautimous chapter? Hehe Honey BooBoo child. Byee!!
I walked through the forest listening to the birds chirp.  I hope someone will find me. It`s the middle  of the summer and it`s blazing hot. I crawled under the shade of a tree and listened to nearby walkers. Then, crunching of leaves. I automatically stood up thinking it was walkers. Boy was I wrong. I aimed my pistol at the oddly familiar faces. Then it sparked. Rick. Grimes. My best friend`s dad. My mind suddenly told me to go engulf him in a hug. Which I almost did. Then I remembered. I am a blonde now, no more honey brown hair. He wouldn`t remember me, would he?

I came across a bleach blonde girl aiming a gun at me while checking snares around the prison.
"Woah now put the gun down girl."
She dropped the gun in defeat. She looked about Carl`s age and  oddly enough,  looked familiar. 
"Come on now," I said to her.
"Where are we going she said adjusting her high waisted jean shorts and tying her boots.
 "To the group."


Was Carl going to be there? Will he recongize me? A million questons ran through my mind as we walked finally coming to a halt at a gate of a prison that looked fairly safe other than the huge hole on the side of the building.

"Who the hell is this?" Snapped me out of my trance. I snapped my head in the direction the voice came from.

A/N CLIFFFFFFHHHHAANGERRR!! Guess you`ll have to