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Fine (Niall Horan) Completed
Story published December 8, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · completed · 192 pages · 35,662 readers · 349,567 reads
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I am back in Mullingar, Ireland, sitting on the couch in the living room of Niall's childhood home. Late afternoon sunlight, bold but rapidly fading with the sinking sun, streams through the windows and beats against the backs of my shoulders, which are bare and exposed from the sleeveless dark blue dress I wear—the simple fact that I am able to wear a sleeveless dress at all, without exposing a multitude of black-and-purple bruises, is a miracle. My feet are tucked under my legs so my dress fans out around me, and my head rests in hollow of Niall’s shoulder, just above his collarbone.

We just ate dinner, an assortment of great foods including my traditional family steak, which my mother had taught me to cook when I was twelve. Way to keep a living tradition.

Niall wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me to him, bridging what little space there is between us until we are hip-to-hip.

"Your Mum," he says, "probably makes the best steak I’ve ever had in my life."

I smirk and tuck my feet further under my knees. “Better not say that in front of your mom.”

He laughs, his warm breath tickling the crown of my head. “No. Not unless I suddenly have a death wish.”

I wrap my arms around Niall’s waist and smile into his shoulder. He smells like clean laundry with the faint underlying scent of a sharp, musty cologne.

"She would have liked you," I say, half-speaking into Niall’s shirt. "I would know."

"Really?" He sits up a little straighter. "You sure?"

"Oh, totally. She would thought everything you said was hysterical. And she could let you have thirds of the mashed potatoes. That’s, like, the definite sign.”

He laughs again, and I feel his whole body relax, sinking into the back cushions of the couch. “Thank heavens.”

I prop my chin on his shoulder so I can see his face better. "Would you be nervous, Niall Horan?"

The corner of his mouth twitches and he turns to look at me. His lips are only a few inches from mine, fleshy and pink and probably warm. “What, I’m not allowed to be nervous?”

"Well, you sing in front of, like, a billion people every night, so I assume meeting my mom wouldn’t be such a big deal."

Niall laughs, the sound breathy but relieved, like it was pushed out of his diaphragm by the sheer hilarity of what I said. “I haven’t been that nervous since my X-Factor audition.”

"I don’t see why," I say, and then somehow we are kissing, his mouth hard against mine and as warm as I imagined it was. I can still taste the lemon water we drank at dinner on his lips, and while my heart suddenly races like it’s suddenly been shocked to life, my brain instantly goes blank, all rationality and thought wiped away like meaningless words on a whiteboard. Niall squeezes my waist, so I can feel the heat of his fingers through the fabric of my dress; I exhale against his mouth, and I feel his lips pull up into a smile as he presses his mouth harder against mine.

"Parent in the room," someone announces, and a ripple of laughter runs through her voice.

I hastily pull away from Niall, detaching our lips and disentangling our arms. I can see some of my lip gloss smeared on the corners of Niall’s mouth. My whole face burns like I got a really bad sunburn, and Niall’s cheeks are flushed with pink.

"Don’t worry," says Niall's mom, standing in the living room doorway wearing a very badly suppressed grin of amusement, "you two can finish making out in a second—"
I swear, I spent so much time with her in the past month, she is beginning to feel like my very own mother.

“Mom,” Niall groans, and my face feels even hotter.

"—I just came to see if you wanted any chocolate chip cookies." She holds up a plate with a stack of cookies. "Although if you’d rather—you know—work up an appetite first, I’ll understand."

“Mom,” He says again, and I stand up to take the plate of cookies from her before she can say any other mortifying things.

She grins at me. I can practically feel the laughter and smugness radiating off her. “It was an innocent question,” she says.

"Yeah, sure," I say. I take the plate from her. "Thanks for the cookies, Mom."

"No problem." She waved me off. "Let me know if you two need anything!" 

Niall sighs the moment she is gone. "She is so embarrassing." I take a cookie for myself.

"No." I reply thoughtfully, joining him. "Here, have a cookie." I offered him the plate. He takes what I estimate is seven cookies in his hand. I smile and sink back into the velvet cushions. 

"Hey Niall-"

Niall's lips met mine and I immediately fell silent, all thoughts magically erased from my mind at his touch. My hand crawled up the back of his neck and tangled itself in his hair and he moved closer to me, placing a hand on my cheek to hold me there, perfectly content with the thought that this is probably going to be a very long kiss.

If this was heaven, I wouldn't mind dying right then, right there.


THE END! I CONNOT BELIVE THIS. I have no clue about what I should say. But again, thanks for those who read, hearted, and took their time to comment. Please checkout my other louis tomlinson fanfic! I hope this one was a great book to read.