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One Shots
Story published December 8, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 59 pages · 1,678 readers · 9,384 reads
Nerd-Peter Parker/
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Nerd-Peter Parker/ Spiderman

Name: Nina Waler

Nicknames: None

Looks: Picture

Age: 17

Hobbies: Reading, Studying, Drawing

Personality: Extremely shy, Very self-conscious, Timid

Family: Just her mom, her dad left when she was 2

Crush: Peter Parker

Extra: She's always picked on by the Jocks and Cheerleaders, she has no friends, She's constantly being called a Nerd



The name follows me everywhere. In the halls, in the cafeteria, on the bus, in class. It was always my label.


The final bell rang, signalling the end of classes.

I quickly scooped up all of my books and scurried out of the classroom, not wanting to be held by Flash and his gang of steroid freaks. I headed quickly to my locker, shoving through the crowd of people taller and stronger than me. I finally reached my locker and quickly spun the lock and I spun it so fast and it didn't work.

"Come on." I muttered to myself. 17-32-9 I tried again and the door still wouldn't open. I sighed in frustration. I just want to go home.

"Need some help?" someone asked from behind me. I turned around slowly to see Peter Parker. Oh god, this is embarrassing. I'd always liked him, he was just so cute and a little geeky, just my type.

"Um, no it just won't open." I replied quietly, my shy personality coming out. He smiled and moved to my lock. "It was already open, you didn't;t lock it before going to class." He explained and opened it without turning the lock.

I blushed deeply, Why didn't I think of that? "Thank you..." I trailed off, not wanting him to know that in knew who he was."Peter Parker." He held out his hand. I shook it and replied "Nina Waler."

"So um, you're pretty smart right, I mean I've seen your name on Honor Roll and stuff." He smiled sheepishly at me. "Yeah, I guess I'm pretty good." I replied adjusting my big glasses. "So I was wondering if you could tutor me in math?" he asked hopefully. "I'm failing and if Aunt May finds out I'm dead."

I just smiled at him and nodded. "So, could you come over tonight?" I nodded. "Yup, that should be fine."
"Great, here's my number." He said, scribbling a number down on a scrap paper and handing it to me.

He smiled at me one more time before heading off to the main doors of the school.  I smiled slightly to myself and opened my locker when my books were knocked out of my hands and scattered across the floor.

"Awwwww, does Nerdy Nina have a date?" I heard the menacing voice of Flash tease me. There was that word again.


That word practically taunted me everywhere I go, it was my nightmare, it's not my fault I need glasses and am smart.

I just picked up my books and ignored him, putting my books away, I had just closed my locker when Flash pushed me against it.

"Watch where you're going Nerd. And if you think Parker even likes you, that's a laugh, he's just doing it so you can do all the work."
I just grabbed my bag and walked out of the school, onto my bus that left right away, since I was late.

On the way home I thought about what Flash said. Maybe Peter really doesn't want to be my friend. Maybe, he's just doing it for the grades. I sighed at the realistic possibility that that's what it was.

I stepped off the bus into my empty two-story house and headed to my room.

I turned on my laptop and a news report came up. There was a bank robbery on Park and they are expected to strike again, that sucks. I checked my email, just stuff from my family in Chicago. Then I decided to work on my homework.

At around 6 Peter called.
*Phone Convo*
Peter- Hey
Peter-You can't come over tonight, I jst remembered I'm helping my friend Gwen with something
Me-Okay Bye

*End of Phone Convo*

I sighed and grabbed my IPod to listen to music on my balcony that's right outside my room.

I sat on the couch and turned on my music. I listened to a few songs like:

Let her go-Passenger

Demons-Imagine Dragons

White Horse-Taylor Swift

The last song kind of struck a nerve for me. I'm not a princess, I'm a nerd. Peter bailed on me, probably to hang out with his girlfriend, it wasn't exactly a secret around school that he liked Gwen Stacey.

This isn't a fairy tale, it isn't a movie. I started singing to the song.

"I'm not your princess, this ain't a fairy tale, I'm not the one you sweep off her feet, lead her up the stairwell, this isn't Hollywood, this is a small town..." I sighed as a tear almost rolled down my cheek. I hope that I do find someone.

"You have a beautiful voice." I focused my attention on the man in red and blue spandex in front of me. I smiled slightly. "Thank you."

I recognized him from the news. Spiderman,  that's what they called him, he helped people around the city. Why is he talking to me. I'm just a nerd.


"Can you sing something else for me?" he asked me. I nodded my head, curious as to why he wanted to hear me sing, I wasn't that good.

If you only knew-Savannah Outen

He clapped at me while I blushed. "So why were you so sad before I came?" he asked me and I sighed. Should I really discuss this with him, I mean. he's a perfect stranger, a wanted fugitive, and could possibly be a 40 year old creeper, but I went ahead to explain anyways.

"Well, there's this guy, and I kind of got rejected in a way, since he went to hang out with his girlfriend instead of studying together like we planned, but I guess I shouldn't complain, at least he didn't call me a nerd or something." Once again that word comes up.


"I don't think you're a nerd. And does this guy have a name. I mean, it seemed like you liked him, by the way you talk about him."
I nodded.

"Peter Parker."

He froze for a second and I panicked a bit, then he looked back at me. He seemed to be smiling, but I couldn't tell from the mask hiding his face.

"Thanks, for not thinking I'm a nerd, I mean, Peter probably does and so does the rest of the school. I mean, it's not my fault I'm smart and need glasses, my eyesight just sucks." I said, chuckling a bit at the end.

I got up from the couch and steeped to the edge of my balcony, and breathed in deep, inhaling the New York air. It was slightly polluted, but I got used to it.

I felt Spiderman step next to me, looking at the sunset you could barely make out from my back balcony, over the bright New York lights, and the massive buildings.

"Nina, can you do me a favor?" He asked, turning to me. I smiled and turned to him, then I realized. I never told him my name.

"How do you know my name?" I asked. "I never told you."

He sighed and turned to me and sighed. "Because, you know me too." H stated.

"What do you mean? I've never met you before- " But  I paused, because he had just removed his mask, and I stood there, completely shocked.

Peter Parker stood in front of me, in the Spiderman suit, his mask in his hand and looking at me to see my reaction, which was astounded, shocked, surprised, and overall embarrassed.

I just revealed my crush on him! I am completely mortified. I avoided his seep gaze, by tilting my head down, my brown curls covering my face like a curtain.

He gently put a finger under my chin, and tilted my head up. I stared at him through my glasses that were sliding down my face. He pushed my glasses back into placed, and then gently leaned forward, pressing soft lips to mine.

I stood there, completely and utterly shocked, I had never been kissed before. Slowly I began tomkiss him back, unable to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. He slowly moved his gloved hands to the small of my back, pulling me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck, playing with his sift, wild brown hair, and deepening the kiss.

We both pulled back, completely breathless from the kiss. He smiled at me and we heard sirens in the distance. He gave me an apologetic look and I smiled at him. "Go! You have a city to  save, superhero! Go, go go!" He smiled widely at me and pecked my lips before strining a web and swinging into the distance.

I made my way back inside my room and sighed happily. I guess I am more than just a nerd. 

I really appreciate your feedback! Please tell me how I'm doing since this is my first time doing them!
Hope you like my one shots!

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