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You Love Me Too, Right? *Yandere Oneshot Series*
Story published December 9, 2013 · updated 1 week ago · 29 pages · 34,325 readers · 191,417 reads
Death The Kid
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Death The Kid

Death The Kid, was in love.  This came to no surprise to anyone.  Everyone knew Kid was in love.  With symmetry.  He loved it so much, no one thought he could love anything else, not even his own life.  That was a lie.  He was very much in love, with something else, someone else.  Yes Death The Kid was in love.  With you.
White roses.  Dozens of them showed up on your porch every morning.  They never said from who, but they were there every morning.  They often had a tiny note attached, saying sweet things and compliments.  'You're Beautiful' 'You Bring Light To My Life'  are only the start of what those notes had said.  It was a sweet gesture, yes, but you were getting scared of these 'Gifts'

The simple fact of not knowing who was sending these white roses, not only sent shivers up your spine, but also that the notes were getting well, scary.  'I need you' was the most recent note you'd received.  The others were very explicit.  They contained the things 'he' wanted to do to you. 

You tried to wake up and catch the person in the act, but the roses were already there.  Then you tried staying up to see if you could catch the person, again the roses were already there.  This morning was no acceptation.  Walking down the stairs only wearing a short silky robe, you opened the door to your front porch.  You looked down to see not only the roses, but a large box with a bow on the top.

Quickly you leaned down and retrieved said items.  Looking around your yard, you saw nothing suspicious and turned to shut your door.  Going into your kitchen you set the box on the counter, and opened the note.  'Dearest [Name], please wear this tonight while I ravish you, I need you, now is the time.'  Letting the note slip out of your hand, your eyes widened.  You placed a hand over your mouth, trying not to throw up.  You closed you eyes and wondered what could only be in the box, 

You slowly removed your hand from your mouth and reached towards the pure white box, that had a black bow on top.  You slipped the bow off, and opened the box.  Upon opening the box you found another rose, except this one was black.  Placing it to the side you reached in a grabbed the article of clothing.  It was a black and white lace lingerie set.  You suddenly had the urge to throw up.  Instead you grabbed the roses and the 'gift' and threw into your trash can.

That night you could barely shut your eyes, afraid of the note from your stalker.  You eventually found your self sound asleep in your bed, window slightly agape.

Waking with a groggy feeling, you sat up.  "How long have I been sleeping?" you questioned yourself.  "Not long, love"  Your eyes widened as you heard a foreign voice from the seat next to your bed.  Looking over you breath hitched in your throat as you came face to face with a slightly familiar face. 

Death The Kid, also the son of your boss.  You'd met him once and he was really nice and OCD.   "T-This means" "Yes, [Name] I was the one who sent you those lovely roses" he said while stroking your cheek.  You quickly pulled away and looked down trying to not make eye contact with the man who had terrorized you life so much.  Upon looking down you noticed the outfit you were in.......back and white lingerie.

One moment you were looking down and the next you were facing the ceiling. You gasped as he straddled your hips.  "W-What are you doing?!" you questioned angrily  "Whatever I want" he whispered seductively in your ear.

Later in the evening, you both lay in your bed completely exhausted from the actions that just took place.  Well mostly you.  You had struggled so much  you used most of you strength, but Kid was too strong.  You lay head on his chest, with dull eyes.  "Why?" you croaked out.  He chuckled.  "I love you" he murmured.  "Why, roses?" you questioned.  He stayed silent for a moment.  "Because" he started. A sadistic grin rose to his mouth.  "You're like a rose, so beautiful, but one day you will eventually wilt"


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