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Undertaker's Daughter
Story published December 11, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 10 pages · 122 readers · 918 reads
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I walked the streets crying to myself. It had just been one year ago since my mommy left me...alone. 

I looked up to see the rain drops begin to splatter around on the world around me. I shivered out on the concrete, I only wore a simple black dress, it wasn't long; it was a summer fashion. 

From the far distance I heard rumbling noises. I shrugged. "Zeus!" I called and ran away, going no where. 

As I ran away, I watched as every little girl get escorted home by their come that wasn't me? I frowned and kept running until I came across...a funeral parlor. By that was raining harder. 

The funeral parlor's outward appearance is a tall building with a rectangular-shaped sign on its front, which reads "Undertaker". The purple sign is embellished with a yellow lining and a skull. Cobwebs are shown on the projecting corner of the building. Along the front of the funeral parlor, there lies a coffin, a flag and tombs.

I blinked as I walked over to the door and gently knocked on it. 

A man with gray hair covering his eyes, visible stitches on his face, along with a top hat, black robes, and a gray scarf stood at the door. "Hello!" He giggled. "I'm Undertaker!"

"I'm Selena...I...was hoping you had a place for me to stay." I asked softly. 

"Well sure I do!" Undertaker pulled me in. "But I need a first-rate laugh!" 


A/N: AW!!!!!