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Make Me (Mindless Behavior BoyxBoy)
Story published 9 months ago · updated 7 weeks ago · 7 pages · 1,528 readers · 9,587 reads
Roc Royal
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Roc Royal

Roc's POV
Hey wassup its Roc Royal and ima tell yall about me...
Name: Roc Royal/ Chresanto August.
Age: (in this story ik his real age ok) 14
Personality: awesome, funny, kind-hearted, fun, goofy, random.
Bio: Hey yall its Roc Royal, I'm 14 almost 15. My b-day is July 23. I have 6 pitbulls and I believe oneĀ of my dogs just had puppies. And I am ummm gay. Yea I know but no big whoop I'm still me u know cuz I still love soul food but I like a band member. And I kinda changed my style into girl clothes......but don't judge me ok. Princeton my lover Peace! Oh yea and I don't have a ding dong in my pants.