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My teacher got me pregnant.
Story published 10 months ago · updated 14 hours ago · completed · 32 pages · 2,817 readers · 63,534 reads
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Kendall's P.O.V
I put on my
outfit for the evening and followed Ashley and Kayla out of our room.
Tonight the students got to have a party, Duh of course I'm going LOL!
We arrived at the hall and instantly Ash and Kayla walked of to find their boyfrinds
I sighed and walked over to the bar 'Can I have a diet coke please?' I asked the bartender
he nodded and walked away doing my drink.
I looked around and saw Mr Bieber.
His eyes connected with mine and he walked over
'Hey Kendall.' He said hugging me
I hugged back and smiled grabbing my drink
We sat down at a booth talking about each other

A few hours later me and Justin were CLOSE
we were in his hotel room.
He smashed his lips onto mine and they moved in sync
I took of his shirt while he removed my clothing

That night I lost my virginity to my teacher.