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Reader x Anime guy oneshots
Story published 11 months ago · 10 pages · 993 readers · 3,252 reads
Sebastian x Reader
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Sebastian x Reader Lemon

'So have you changed your mind?' The red eyed man asked with a smirk 

'No I haven't...' She said with a determined tone. 

Sebastian softly put a hand on her shoulder and pulled the dress off her shoulder 
'Oh,but the fun we could have. Don't you want to have fun?' He chuckled softly, placing his head on her shoulder. 

Y\N could feel his warm breath on her neck 
'We can have fun later' She denied his warm embrace, her body trying to pull away from him.

His eyes glowed red and a cat slit appeared within them 'Wrong answer darling...I want to have fun now!'
He pushed the _____(your hair colour) haired girl onto the bed, pinning her hands and trapping her underneath him. A soft smirk was spread across his face

The girl's _____(your eye colour) eyes were filled with fear and anxiety. Sebastian gently began to undress her, his lips caressing her gradually baring skin.

One of his hands moved from her hands and onto her breasts, gently squeezing it and smirking while doing it.
A bright blush was spread on the girl's cheeks as the black haired demon was caressing her body

'S-S-Seb-Sebastian...S-Stop!' She managed to say between moans. He shushed her and finished undressing her. 
His hands released her and he stood up. The girl looked at him with surprise.

'I undressed you, it's your turn to undress me' He said as the girl was standing up, his eyes admiring her naked body

She looked away 'N-No, I don't want to undress you! It's improper!'

The demon butler frowned as his hand reached out and grabbed the girl's hair, pulling her towards him 'It wasn't a request Y/N'

Whimpering the girl began undoing his blazer and his shirt. She could feel his lips roaming across the upper part of her body as she undressed him.

'Sebby-chan...can we stop now?' She asked once his shirt was off. A faint smile was seen across his face

'Y/N, we both know you want me, so drop the innocent act. It was sexy at the start...but now you're just plain annoying'

The girl laughed and swiftly kissed his lips, her hands feeling his bare upper body

'This is when the fun starts...' She whispered against his lips