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Keeping Secrets...isn't bad right?
Story published December 14, 2013 · updated 3 weeks ago · 43 pages · 694 readers · 5,560 reads
Teen Titans?
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Teen Titans?

Lily's Pov:

..... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The light was shinning on my face. Oh great,  I died. Then I felt something soft and wet on my face. I tried to touch it but I couldn't move my arms and my eyes were still closed. It felt as if they were carrying 100 pounds. Someone started talking,  but it sounded far distance and I couldn't recognize whose voice it is. They told me

"Don't worry, you'll wake up sooner or later, so don't stress yourself. Well you'll be fine for now, I gotta go play video games with Beastboy."

Beastboy? What kind of name is that?

"How is she doing?" I knew this was a different person, and his voice sounded so caring and protective. 

"she's doing alright. Those bruises she had was not from the monster. The only conclusion I have is......she's. ....been abused."

"oh......but did you figure out how she put that forcefield around her when ciderblock attacked?"

"Im guessing she has super powers and her body must've been protecting her while she was passed out."

"Okay, thanks cyborg."

"No problem Robin, we should let her rest."

And with that the door was shut closed. Okay so this is what I got from that. I passed out and Omg Powers no that's impossible. Im guessing Cinderblock is a nickname for a villian. The 3 boys took me in and Cyborg is curing me back to health. Beastboy is a friend and Robin....I dont know. Uhhh that's a lot to take in. My head started to spin and darkness overtook me....again.

~2 hours later~

......AGAIN WITH THE LIGHT, ITS SO ANNOYING. I stretched my arms and.... omg I moved my hands, then I tried opening my eyes only to be engulf with brightness. Ow why did I do that. Okay, here we go I opened my eyes and made them adjust to the light. I was in a comfy room it wasn't really big, it had a small bed for one person, and a window was right next to me. I looked at my arms and they were connected to a wire and then one of those beep machine. I remembered I had a tank top and my school skirt on, but now i changed into a over sized green t-shirt. It was really comfy but the thought of one of the boys changing me, that I did not like at all. I felt so violated, and disgusted. My thoughts were interrupted when a boy with green hair, and a green body? Came in and looked at me,

"Um Cyborg, the chick is up."

Then came a teenager boy, half human and half machine came in. He was tall and really well built. He looked like 17 years old.

"Hey, the names Cyborg. Grass Stain over here is Beastboy. What's your name?"

" Um, my name is L-Lisa.."

Oh gosh did I really tell them my name is Lisa?! Well it's close to Lily, might as well change my name since I'm never going back to my hometown. 

"Well Lisa welcome to Titans Tower."

"So I'm in a ... castle tower"

Beastboy, I think that's him laughed.

"No, were superheros. We protect the city and were The Teen Titans. " A boy said with spiky black hair and a mask on. 

He was, attractive,  but I just wanted to snatch his mask off and see his eyes.

" How did I get here anyways?"

"The same question we were going to ask you.  You bumped into to me and kept walking, you tripped underneath Cinderblock and passed out. Just when he was going to squish you, you created this force field around yourself and he bounced back up."

"Force field? Is that even possible?"

"Well duh you used your powers didn't you?"


"Lets start from the beginning, where did you come from?" The spiked boy asked.

I cant tell them I ran after I horribly got beaten up by my step father who I hurted and left him on the ground bleeding to death.

"ummm, I-I dont remember."

"Well we'll help you remember" cyborg says. 

"Do you want to play video games" Beast boy asked.

I used to play video games with Matt and I would always beat him. Matt. He saw me all beaten up and scratched. I wonder if he's looking for me, who am I kidding he doesn't care about me so why would he look for me. All of a sudden an alarm went off.

"Sorry but video games will have to wait. Lisa make yourself comfortable. We'll be back in a bit. Teen Titans Go!" Robin said.

I saw them leave and decided to look around. This place was huge. I spent around just looking when I found a door leading to the roof. I went up and their was a beautiful sight from up here. I decided to sit on the ledge and think. Is it true that I may have superpowers. Before I left, while I was back at home with my step dad, I remember shooting wind like powers at him. I looked out to the beach and just stared off, and the waves were growing bigger by the second. I stood up to leave, when the waves came up to me and danced around me. I screamed and the wave dropped. I decided to do it again, but then their was a door being open. 

"Were back, and we brought pizza do you want some?" Beastboy said.

I'll try some other time. 

"Count me in. So you guys are the Teen Titans?"

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For people who love Teen Titans.