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Only Girl in the House (BajanCanadian FanFiction)
Story published 9 months ago · updated 3 months ago · 9 pages · 2,753 readers · 13,133 reads
Ch 1
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Ch 1

*I don't play minecraft but I watch a hella lot of videos. This story will be in the real world not really in minecraft. If that's OK. Well it's my story so it is OK ~Kayla* 

*I do though ~The Byrd*

        As soon as I stepped off that plane I knew my life had changed for the better. I looked around for the people that I would be spending a long time with from this point. LAX was one of the loudest places ever, people crowded every corner of the busy airport, creating a deafening buzz of noise that floated above the crowd like an invisible aura of sound. I squeeze through the waves of people from all countries and places, trying in vain to find the familiar and then new faces. My eyebrows raise when a whole bunch of people move to make a clear pathway, this was unusual I though with a shudder of my freezing body.

        At the end of the pathway I saw them, the infamous group of the seven glorious bastards that was Team Crafted. One of the faces made me smile in happiness.
        "Slow motion re-union!" Jerome, my best friend and brother in power moves yells. I laugh and run in slow motion towards him. When we finally get together he picks me up and spins me. "Finally Team Crafted is full!" He laughs. I smile at Jerome. All jokes aside, he has really helped me through these past tough years, ever since I got that email, he has been nothing but supportive, talking me through business and comforting me in hard times.

        He puts his arm around my shoulder and leads me towards the people that I will be living with for the next... Um, I don't know, a while we'll say. "Your finally here Kivalyn!" Jason exclaims, I had done a few videos with him, but no series of anything major, so I didn't know him as well as I did the rest of the guys. I smile at the man standing in front of me. He had brown hair and light brown hazel like eyes.

        "Hello Kivalyn" Quentin says out of nowhere, I redirect my pleasant facial expression towards him, gathering the bear-like man in my arms.

        "KIVA!" Mitch exclaims, I hadn't seen him in ages, the last video I had done with him was, well, ages ago. And unlike most of the other Team Crafted guys, I hadn't seen him in real-life before. His spiky-ish brown-ish blonde-ish hair and blue eyes were refreshingly bright and vibrant, and the white lights of the airport made his tan skin glow. 
        "MITCH! I haven't seen you in ages!" I yelled, leaping on him, hooking my bare arms around his chest and sending us both toppling to the ground. He laughed as we both got up. I dust myself off, yawning, and realizing how goddamn tired I am. "OK guys I love you but I am tired and I want to see this AMAZING house we get to stay in" I yawn. The boys laugh and lead me too the car van thing that we were travelling in.

        "Kiva the trip is kind of long so you can sleep in the car if you want" Ian insists. I nod happily.

        "Also if I do fall asleep and somehow find myself on someones shoulder. Deeply sorry" I apologize in advance, adding a posh flourish to my speech. Everyone shrugs. Being the only girl this going to be weird, but I am a lot like a guy trust me. We make out way to the car and we all pile in. Jerome was driving and Sky next to him. Ty, Quentin and Jason in the middle and then Mitch and I at the back. Alone.

        The car starts and I put my head up against the window. Slowly the talking and arguing between the boys drowns out and I fall asleep.

Minecraft is a lot different then the real world. You can't just walk away from the person and never see them again in reality. You need to love them forever.