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Lєttєrs [Subaru Sakamaki]
Story published December 16, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 12 pages · 5,189 readers · 24,255 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

They next day, the brothers were gathered for dinner, the quiet atmosphere still surrounding them. All you could hear was the slicing, the soft gulps when they drank, and the clatter of some utensils. Subaru, however, wasn't eating. Well, he ate a bit but not much that you could notice that he did. Reiji noticed, but he didn't say anything, keeping his table manners.

Subaru stood up, the chair rubbing against the hard wood floor and leaving. He didn't speak, causing Reiji to furrow his eyebrows because of his act. He kept the letter, he hid it in a place no one would find it but him. It was obviously in his room, but who else goes to their room? There was the usual butler and maid cleaning the big house, but they didn't touch anything that wasn't theirs.

The white-haired male went to his room, seeing the letter poke out of underneath his coffin.The letter didn't make any sense to him, even though he knew someone was in danger. He didn't know who, that is. He opened his coffin and surely, there was another letter. He kept a blank stare, his fingertips picking the envelope once more, and opening the seal.

Whoever it was, he knew they know where Subaru lives. He was confused though. Why was it in his room and no one else's? Did the butler perhaps receive it and told to give it to Subaru Sakamaki? He wasn't sure, but pulled out the letter. The paper was still the same old kind of texture it was of yesterday, the folding neat and precise, too.

Reiji wouldn't pull something like this off. He just couldn't. He scanned the text once more, this one making a bit more sense than the previous one.

My name is ______ ______. I've been told by a couple of bystanders you are Subaru Sakamaki. They say you are truly strong, and I want you to help me. It is the only favor I ask of you, Sir Subaru.

He blinked at the name. ______ _____? He knew it was a female name, but he's never heard of her. Anyway, it seemed you had a bit more time of writing since it was longer, and he continued to read it when he sat on top of his coffin.

I know you may be wondering where I am writing from. I am currently trapped underground, by a madman. He won't let me escape, he has all these prisoners locked up in cells, including me. You are my only hope of a chance to escape. Plea

And she was cut off, like she had stopped because they were coming. It seemed like a fancy pen that you had to write slowly to make the text dark, but in the lost word she wrote, it's as if she tried to write fast but she couldn't make it. He folded it back, and placed it along with the other letter. An underground dungeon, huh? Well, there was a lot, he didn't know which one.

He sighed and looked out of the window seeing clear skies and the moon shining bright as ever. Maybe the next one it'll say where. . .

Subaru-san~ /w\