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My happy ending
Story published December 17, 2013 · completed · 7 pages · 20 readers · 64 reads
Happy ending :)
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Happy ending :)

I ran to him and tried to wipe some blood off of his face.

"Baby. Its going to be ok. The police are here. Ok. Dont worry." I said with tears rolling down my face.

Tears covered his eyes as he picked up my hand and kissed my purity ring.

He tried to speak but all he managed to do was whisper a small “I love you”

Blood fell from his mouth as his breathin finally stopped and his eyes closed.

"Dakota Wake up! Baby" I screamed.

Tears fell down my eyes as the police finally entered the park

The ambulance immediately but him on air and tried getting him back as we drove to the hospital. I couldnt stop crying, tears ran down my face.’Whats going to happen to him’ I thought to myself.We arrived to the hospital and they told me i had to wait in the hall. I slid to the floor in tears.

The doctor finally came out of the room after hours of waiting. he said

"You can come see him now, hes not quit talking yet, a mumble here and there, but hes gonna be ok."

"really!?" I asked with tears of joy

Sitting by his bed side holding his hand. I never left I didnt want to. After days of not leaving his side, crying, talking to him with no replie, he lifted my hand and kissed my ring like he always did “I love you babe” he said loud and clear.

"I love you too" I said with tears and a giggle. He was back, he was back and walking and smiling and laughing again.

He was never quit himself again though, the adventerous outgoing guy, but who could blame him. I was just glad I was able to be back in his arms again:)