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Love Glowing Red
Story published 10 months ago · updated 7 weeks ago · completed · 25 pages · 339 readers · 2,198 reads
Ch.7 The truth, th
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Ch.7 The truth, the other side, and the next step ahead.

"Whoah hold on!" I exclaimed." You in love with me!? You have to be joking!"
" I know it sounds stupid but I know I really am!" He said.
" If you were in love with me then there has to be a reason!"
" I can't tell you that! I don't wanna be soft!"
" Exactly what I expected to hear. I can't love you Dark. You may have helped me before, but I cannot trust you or forgive you after what you attempted to do to Link."
 After I said that I began walking away towards my room.
 Dark's POV
After she said those words, it literally tore my heart apart. Rejection was exactly what I would expect from a human like Thalia. Most of the time I would accept it. But she isn't like any human I have met. She is the one that I desperately need. Someone I do not want to lose. I really do love her. The thought of her rejecting me makes me wanna jump at her and force her to love me. I only want her. No I NEED her.
Thalia's POV
I actually felt bad for rejecting Dark like that. It is true that I do not love him in that way, but I did not want to say like that. I actually cared about his feelings. Sounds crazy but true. That is how I was raised the Goron way. I help and care for others, even if they are not kind. I then heard footsteps running towards my room. Suddenly, I saw Dark break through the door. He looked totally different. His skin was as black as charcoal, his eyes were completely bright red instead of just his pupil, and he was breathing heavily.
" Thalia," He said in a much darker voice." You are mine!"
Frightened as I already was, I tried to run to hide in the closet. But then Dark grabbed me harshly by the waist and pinned me to the floor. I struggled underneath his grasp, but this caused him to hold my wrists tighter, that I believe he could leave bruises. He kissed me roughly with his cold lips, and without warning he bit my neck. He bit harder, longer, and rougher than the other times. I screamed loudly and began to cry.
 As he pulled back, he kissed me again, tasting my blood on his lips. When he pulled back again, I looked at him with my teary, glowing red eyes.
" Dark.....please are hurting me...." I said.
He stared at me with eyes of guilt as he turned back to normal. Then his tears fell to my cheeks.
" I'm sorry!" He cried." I just love you too much! I never wanted to hurt you!"
 My eyes widened at what he said and seeing him like that. 
" I only want you to love me! I want to be human! I want to fit in with the crowd!"
As Dark kept crying, I sat up, got out of his grasp, and hugged him.
"If that's what you really wish for, then I will help you." I said." I want to do this. You will love being human. To be good."
"No." He said as he pulled away." I don't want you to love me because I want to be human. I want you to love me because I am in love with you. Thalia, you are different than any girl I have met. You are beautiful, brave, strong, and incredible in a number of ways. No girl ever had the courage to stand up to me or try to defy me. That is why you are changing me."
Then he kissed me. Only this time, it was gentle, sweet, and full of love. Before I could kiss back, he pulled away and walked out.
 I wanted to kiss him back. So that means, I am in love with Dark. I am in love with Dark Link.
Link's POV
Inside the chamber of sages, I looked at the symbol of shadows. Out of it came Impa.
"Well done Link." She said."You became from a young lad to an amazing swordsman. If you search for the princess she is alive and I know she is near."
"Impa," I said." Can you tell me where my friend Thalia is?"
"I am afraid I do not know. But I know her captor is Dark Link right?"
I nodded.
"I know he is near Gerudo Valley."She said."Ask a Gerudo his location. I am sure they know. Hurry Link. Save Hyrule. That includes your friend."
I nodded.