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A night to remeber kurloz makara x reader
Story published 10 months ago · updated 10 months ago · 2 pages · 523 readers · 763 reads
The first night .
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The first night .

( ok first off for all homestuck fans out there I know that the trolls live in alternia. But just go with what how I write it . )
It was a cold winters day as you were walking over your Moiralls ♦ hive. As you came to Meulins hive start thinking about your flush crush Kurloz MaKaRa. When you knocked on the door and to your surprise Kurloz answered the door. You blush as the silent troll moved out of the way of the door and waved you in. You sit on a cat shaped chair as Meulin comes in to the room with drinks. " yay ( your name) your here prrrrfect! Meulin said in a happy voice. Kurloz pulled a purple note book out and writes  NO PROBLEM SIS. As u sit there you spot Kurloz staring at you then quickly looked away.......... " hey I have an idea let's play this game dirk gave me." You suggest . Kurloz agrees but Meulin said she had to go see the kankri. Yu move and sit next to kurloz laying your head  on his shoulder and turn on what humans call a game boy. As u sit there playing the game known as  Pokémon you soon relays that Kurloz fell asleep . You slowly sit up and going to Meulins kitchen to make something to eat.  As you stand there you start sing softly ( ) as you  contued to cook fish and rice well singing you turn around and run in to Kurloz. You blush I'm ......s-sorry  you said putting both plates on the table. As you sit there eating you study Kurloz and how he eats with the stich's in his mouth. He writes on the same purple note book " THANK U FOR THE MEAL IT WAS VARRY GOOD...... :0) 
you blush ( y b c) as u put the dishes in the sink. "  So Kurloz is there any one u like " u ask the purple blooded troll. He looks at you with a sliet purple blush across his face .  " come on Kurloz there must be some one ur flushed for" you insist .  About a min passed and he did nothing just sat there blushing. You get up and deside to have some fun. You pull out ur troll top and put on some rad beats and start dancing. Kurloz soon joins in smiling but all so he was studying your figure the way you moved ur hips in a swaying moshion looking up and down your body then stoping on your ass. Something unthink able happens then as your dancing to baby bash cyclone you trip and land on Kurloz, you both start blushing 
Kurloz :* smiles and pulls you closer* 
you : w-w-what are you doing? 
Kurloz showed you his purple not book YOU ASKED WHO I WAS FLUSHED FOR AND THATS YOU.
You get up off of Kurloz and back away blushing. But he gets up and stares in to ( eye color) eyes , trying to get away you end up in a corner whit the tall clown troll. Kurloz slowly takes out his stich's for what he's going to do. With both your body's pressed up against each other u feel his breath on ur neck hot and warm turning u on. Slowly Kurloz kisses your neck and up to ur lips, as u stand there trying to resist ur flush crush u give in as he enters ur mouth and explores ur smaller mouth. As the kiss broke there was a strand of saliva still linking u two together. Soon Kurloz removes ur shirt and starts fondling your breasts. You moan in plesher as he removed his pants reviling a big purple tentibulge. You get on your knees and start to lick up and down his big tentical. As Kurloz is fingering you. About ten min later Kurloz takes off the plated skirt and under ware u had on and started kissing u again but as she was kissing you u could feel the tenticals tip in side you slowly going deeper. He soon started trusting in and out going faster and faster. Kurloz could not hold it any more he was at his braking point she soon cumed in side you.

30 min later you too were fully dressed as Meulin came home to see you to fast asleep on her love set. " mmmmmm..... Now what could have possibly made them this tirrrred. :3