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Sweden+Finland x Child!Reader: Daddy's Kissing Santa Cla
Story published December 23, 2013 · updated December 24, 2013 · 1 page · 129 readers · 149 reads
Oh!! I'm telli
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Oh!! I'm telling mommy!

        You giggled as your older brother Sealand around the room, both of you careful not to run into the tree, so your papa wouldn't get angry.

"Stop running around", Sweden stated, watching in amusement as the two of tried to avoid him, not yet tired out from running around.

"But daddy~ We wanna wait for Santa!" You whined, poking out your lower lip, looking up at Sweden.        

"But tyttäreni, if you stay up, Santa might not come~" Finland said teasingly, winking at Sweden, who knew about the Finnish man being Santa.
        You and Sealand gasped, fearing that it was true and ran upstairs, yelling "Oh no!  We have to get to bed!!!"
The two chuckled and Finland left to tell prepare his sleigh, leaving Sweden to tuck you in.

                                                                                        *Time skip of cookies and candy canes*

        You jolted awake as you heard the familiar sound of hooves, but they sounded close.... Like they were on the roof or something! You hopped out of bed, turning to grab your camera and wake Sealand, but deciding to tell him when you came back, your childish impulses driving you forward. As you slowly descended down the stairs, you saw your papa Sweden lying on the couch, you were ready  to tell him to hide so you could see Santa together, when a figure walked in.

"Sweden! You didn't have to wait for me!" They spoke, sounding oddly like your mother. Sure Finland was a guy, but he seemed to be the more feminine one of your caretakers. 

"I wanted to", your papa sounded strange, as if he was holding back, as he stood up, slowly walking to the one in red. You were happy to see Santa, but stood where you were lifting the camera.

"Well that's so nice of you Mr. Swe- hmph!" They we abruptly cut off, as Sweden  grabbed them, kissing them passionately.

        You gasped, taking the picture, and slowly going back upstairs before you were caught.

                                                           *In the morning after presents were opened, breakfast was eaten, and cocoa has been drunk*

"So (name), my little lumihiutale, did you like the presents Santa brought you?" Finland asked, his eyes looking like a puppy wanting praise, as the other Nordics chuckled, amused at Tino's silly display.

"Uh huh! I loved them! Oh yeah! I have to show you something!" You whined, jumping from Finland's lap, and showing off the camera worn around your neck like a necklace.

" Daddy kissed Santa Claus!" You yelled, showing off the picture on your camera triumphantly, as Denmark laughed, while Finland freaked out, wanting to assure you that it was him, but wanting you to continue the childish belief of Santa. Sealand, seeing Tino's panic, nodded at Sweden, already knowing about this (it was in an episode of the Beautiful World) and joined in on your wonderfully remixed version of "Mommy's Kissing Santa Claus".

Did you like it? I decided to do some fluffy Reader insert. I hope you enjoyed! And Merry Christmas~! <3
tyttäreni: Finnish for 'my daughter'
lumihiutale: Finnish for 'Snowflake'

Mommy!!! Daddy kissed Santa!!