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You little tease... (Andy Biersack love story )
Story published December 23, 2013 · 1 page · 116 readers · 152 reads
Don't tease me
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Don't tease me

You and Andy had been close friends for years , over these years spent as friends you had begun to develop a small crush on andy, the others including himself being oblivious.Then came the time when Black veil brides were to start touring and you even though you begged weren't allowed to go. During the many months the guys were away you missed them terribly but kept in contact mostly with ashley and Jinxx , Jinxx however during one of your small phone calls asked you the question that you had been utterly dreadding "Sky do you have a crush on Andy? " After sorely admitting to jinxx that you liked the youngest band member , you both teamed up and told eachother it would be kept a secret until yourself decided it was the right time to tell andy of your feelings towards him.
It was a year since you and Jinxx had that conversation over the phone and now you found yourself chilling with Andy nearly every single weekend of spare moment you both had.This was a little nerve-wracking at first but you told yourself it was just as any other normal time you had hung out .However boy were you wrong.

As you and Andy had just finished watching one of your many favourite batman movies (The Dark Knight Rises ) , you both decided to chill out for the rest of the night , However you thought you would tease andy about being the youngest in the band considering the thought of the situation you were now in you decided to tease him just a little longer.This ended up carrying on for the next twenty or so minutes. 
Eventually you ended up calling andy a "little boy" , andy stayed silent a moment and the next action proved quite shocking to you. Andy Proceeded to launch himself up off of the couch you were leaning on and decided he had had enough of your teasing,he pinned you up against the wall behind you and growled lowly " Let me show you the man I am" your eyes locked with his , ever so subtle glancing at his lips and back up again to meet his gaise ..

That is where our story begins :)