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Sasuke one shots
Story published December 24, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 28 pages · 7,772 readers · 44,801 reads


I was browsing pictures when I found this one and I just had to make one of it! I'm sorry if I interpreted our rebel Sasuke wrong ;)

        Sasuke wrapped an arm around his girlfriend in a protective manor, keeping her away from some of the men who dare glance at her for more then 5 seconds. The warm rays of the sun made (F/N)'s (S/C) skin glow. The picnic basket remained untouched. 

        "Sasuke." (F/N) started. She played with a strand of her hair, (E/C) eyes met his. "Our parents will get mad if they see us." Sasuke eventually pulled her into a tight embrace where he nuzzled her neck. It was a constant fear, (F/N)'s parents forcing her to break up with him. He kissed the top of her forehead making her look up. (F/N)'s parents hated him at their first glance. Maybe it was the way he chose to dress or the reputation for being a player he had, maybe the fact he hung out with other guys with bad reputations? However, Sasuke's  feelings were genuine towards (F/N). He admits at first she was just another girl, however after a while he started to really fall in love with her, (F/N) returned this feeling. 

        "I don't care. I love you, they can't break us apart."
        "I don't like lying to them though." (F/N) stated. Sasuke understood. Unlike him, (F/N) wasn't used to disappointing his parents. After never quite amounting to Itachi's greatness Sasuke gave up. The result was a stress free life. He got used to the disappointing glares he got from his father or pitying looks from his mother. As for Itachi, he was already in college. MIT to be exact.

        "Do you love me?" He asked. Dark eyes serious as ever as he grasped (F/N)'s hands.

        "I do. With all my heart, I love you Sasuke." (F/N) said. Sasuke took off his hat and threw it in the park's trash can. Along with his glorified sweater, tie, and extra belts he didn't need. That left a man with a normal black and white school uniform. (F/N) gasped. 
        "I'll be the man your parents want me to be." Sasuke stated. 


        "I would do anything to be with you (F/N)." Sasuke added. He pulled out a sandwich out of the basket and unwrapped it. He pointed it towards (F/N)'s mouth which excepted the sandwich. They could finally eat in peace.

Heart and follow c:
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