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His babysitter (Larry au)
Story published 9 months ago · updated 3 months ago · 9 pages · 84 readers · 249 reads
the hot babysitter
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The hot babysitter

Third persons POV:
When Harry was informed that he had a babysitting job, he was pretty excited, to say the very least. However, when he found out that the time to arrive at his client's house was 6 in the morning, he was a bit less than pleased. The boy absolutely /hated/ getting up in the mornings, it was one of the many reasons he had chosen nighttime classes at his college. He sighed, knowing he'd need the experience with kids if he ever wanted to be a Pediatrician. It's what he was studying for in college, because he loved helping people, and he loved kids. The curly-haired boy just never really had any experience with them prior to his babysitting job because he'd had an /older/ sister. His part time job had really helped, and he'd gotten loads less awkward around kids compared to his previous years, but he still needed more training, and so at 6 in the morning, he found himself knocking on someone's door at six in the morning.
Louis tomlinson:
I took jaxon off my lap seeing somebody at my door. It was a boy with curly hair and green eyes,and was really handsome. ''Hi,you must be the babysitter harry is it?",he asked putting out his hand. He nodded shaking my hand. ''Yes,I am,and you must be Louis,Louis Tomlinson?". I nodded at the boy smirking. He smiled biting his lip looking at jaxon. ''And this must be jaxon?",he said waving to the boy. ''I'm jaxon,this my daddy'',he spoke waving. Louis chuckled. ''Well,I have to be ready for work by 9:00,and its 8:40,so do you mind holding him so I could go upstairs?",Louis asked still holding jaxon on his hip. Harry nodded taking jaxon. ''Course not Mr Tomlinson'',he replied and closed the door. ''Oh and call me Louis'',I said jogging up stairs to fetch my clothes. I stripped to my boxers and put my black skinny jeans on. Suddenly the door opened revealing harry. ''Oh my god I'm sorry Louis'',he said. I waved my hands in front. '',its okay'',I said grabbing his wrist. ''What did you want to tell me?",I asked. He blushed. ''Oh,well.I was wondering if I could make something for Jaxon?". I nodded. ''Of course'',I said letting go of his wrist. Harry went downstairs and made something. Once I put my suit on and was done getting dressed I walked Downs stairs. I gave jaxon a kiss and said bye to them. I left and closed the door going to work hoping harry is a good babysitter.
Harrys pov:
When it was midnight,Louis walked through the door smiling. He smiled at me. ''Hello harry''. I waved. '' Hello Louis,jaxon is in bed'',I replied. He nodded. ''Thank you,well um here ya go'',he said taking out a hundred and giving it to me. Harry shook his head. ''No please,I had fun with your son,I can't take it,let's just call it free babysitting'',I with led and walked out the door not before grabbing my jacket. This babysitting thing might be fun. I mean the boy has a hot dad,what could go wrong?
Louis pov:

I grinned. I can't believe he didn't take the money how nice. I walked upstairs and saw Jaxon still awake slightly. He yawned. ''Daddy?",he whispered. I came over kneeling down smiling. ''Yes baby?". ''I liked harry,c-could I have him for a babysitter tomorrow?",he yawned loudly. I nodded kissing his head. ''Course baby,for now get some rest'',he grinned and tucked him in shutting the light and walking to his own room. He changed and went to sleep thinking about what will happen tomorrow.