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How can I be Gred without Forge
Story published December 26, 2013 · updated 3 days ago · 83 pages · 560 readers · 3,778 reads
What is happening
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What is happening

The pain George felt when he saw his brothers last laugh etched on his face, is indescribable. The feeling that his heart was being ripped out is what happened when he heard Percy’s answer to his question.    

    “Whats wrong with Fred? Guys?”

    “He’s gone George. Gone forever.”

    “What do you mean gone. He’s right there.” Georges voice becomes frantic his mind refusing to a accept what is right in front of him.

    “He’s dead George.” Percy answers. Thats when George’s knees hit the floor as he falls down by his brothers head.

    “No, no it can’t be true. Wake up Fred.” George says shaking him, shaking his shoulders refusing to believe it. “God dammit Fred. I said wake up. This isn’t funny anymore.” George beyond the point of emotional sanity isn’t judged by his family. They are all grieving. Arthur walks over and places a hand on his sons shoulder. Fred releases his brother and collapses, sobbing over him. Arthur’s hand is joined by Molly’s as they try to comfort their son. Molly crouches down beside George and starts rubbing his back. Slowly her son lifts his head. He looks her in the eyes and she stares back, even though what she sees is killing her. Georges eyes which usually reflect happiness are shattered. If eyes are the windows to ones sole then her sons sole is broken into a million irreparable pieces. Thankfully George lowers his head, resting it over his twins heart.

    The battle continues on but George never leaves his twins side. Even when everyone else goes to greet Lord Voldemort George can not rise. He lays over his twins body just as broken and useless as his twins corpse. 

    When his family returns they are all rejoicing. 

    “George why are you so sad, we won Voldemort lost. Our family is all...” Ginny Weasley says trailing off, haven forgotten for a moment that in fact their family isn’t all whole. 

    The family all gathers around the twins who are lying on the floor. Until they can’t take the sight of them so hopeless anymore. Bill and Mr. Weasley walk over and pick their son up off of his brother. George stands but only because they hold him up. The Weasleys then all solemnly stare at Fred. With the help of Lee Jordan, Charlie picks Fred up off the ground and lies him down on a nearby cot. Lee then leaves, not wanting to intrude on the families mourning. The Weasleys stare at Fred for a few more minutes in complete silence before people start calling out to them. Ginny is the first to leave their gathering, heading off to speak with Harry. Ron is the next to go, then Fleur arrives begging Bill to come with her to deliver the news to Tonks’ mother that her daughter won’t be returning home. Bill shuffles his brother off to Charlie then leaves with his bride. After Molly checks with her other children she decides its time for them to go. Professor Mcgonagall assures Molly that all funeral preparations will be taken care of by herself with consent of the family.

    The Weasley family then leaves, not quite being able to bare the happiness in such a solum personal time. As soon as they are outside Hogwarts grounds, they all appearate back to the Burrow. Charlie taking George in side along appearation for they all fear if George appearates himself he will end up splinched.

    Once back at home they all assemble in the den. Sitting around not able to say anything. Eventually everyone goes off to bed, that is everyone except George. He pretends to go to bed, taking the pajamas his mom hands him. Shutting himself in Bill’s old room for a hour waiting for everyone one else to drift off to sleep. Once they are he sneaks backdown stairs, sits in Fred’s favorite chair and curls up in it with Fred’s blanket that is always on the back of it. As he drifts off into sleep, he inhales his brothers smell deeply his mind forgetting that his brother is gone for the time being.

    George wakes up the next morning his eyes feeling like glue. He can hear his family in the kitchen, they are trying to be quite so not to wake him. They don’t know he is up yet, so he stays put not wanting to face reality quite yet.

    “Whats going to happen now mum.” Ginny says from the kitchen.

    “I don’t know Ginny. We’re going to have Fred’s funeral in a week. Then we are going to try to move on with our lives. That will be easier said then done I’m afraid though.”

    “Did you see George, Mum?” George hears Charlie’s voice.

    “He’s all curled up in Fred’s favorite chair.” Mum says.

    “I just feel so bad for him.” Charlie says. “I know we all lost someone last night but George he lost half of him.” George hears his family mummer in agreement. George gets up and walks upstairs to his and Fred’s room. He goes inside, rummaging through his old drawers trying to find any clothes he might have left here. He purposely doesn’t look anywhere besides that dresser he doesn’t want to think about anything. He is just cold. Eventually he finds a old hat from his last year at Hogwarts and a old sweater. He pulls both things on then goes back downstairs. Everyone is still in the kitchen. George doesn’t bother to join them. He doesn’t want to speak. He doesn’t want to have to try to explain what he is feeling inside, because how can you explain emptiness. He curls back up in Fred’s chair with Fred’s blanket. Thats where he stays all week long. Never moving during the day. Staring off into space, ignoring his family not even acknowledging that they are existing in the same house.

    His mom tries to get him to eat several times a day, but every time she speaks to him. He doesn’t even look at her. He just stares into the fireplace, out a window or even at the ceiling. Looking everywhere but at her. He doesn’t want her to see what he is feeling, at least not past a extent. Molly always leaves the food on the table beside him, but every time she comes back its always still lying there. Never having even been touched. 

    Molly takes to carrying her clock around. Watching her sons hand trying to see if it will move from lost, willing it to move. It never does. Two days after Fred’s death, she realizes that his hand is no longer on the clock. The family spends one frantic evening searching for it.  They eventually find it under a book. It must have fallen off when he died. Arthur being the one that found it, places it on the table beside George. Offering his son one final piece of his twin, his hand. George doesn’t even acknowledge his father while he does it. Even when Arthur tries to talk to him but a few hours later when Molly brings him new food, the hand is gone.

    George has his brother’s hand clenched in his own under his blanket. That day he gets it he vows to never let it go from him again.