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Why Him?
Story published 10 months ago · updated 10 months ago · 7 pages · 159 readers · 581 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

                Well, this is my first story that I'm posting that I haven't backed out on. All my others I had tried to figure out exactly what I wanted to do before I started posting it, but this time I think I'd rather wing it this time. This is a boyxboy twincest story, so heads up. I would say "If you don't like gays or incest love, don't read" but I've never seen Quotev members who have problems with those sort of things.

The picture is Ashton but him and Adeon are identical twins so........ Yeah. You get the point.
                "Ashton" Said an all to familiar voice, trying to drag me out of my slumber.  I groan while rolling over, pulling the blankets over my head. I cuddle back into the bed and drift back to sleep.
                "Ashton! Wake up! Its time for school." Says the voice getting annoyed. I feel the bed dip as he climbs to the side of the bed I'm facing. The bed dips deeper then settles as the voice lays right in front of my. I feel hot breathe on my face. My eyes slowly open revealing Adeon, my identical twin who is only 3 inches from my face. His long black hair is still messy proving that he had just woken up not to long ago himself. A sleepy smile creeps up on my face from the adorable sight of my beloved brother.
                "Stop smiling at me like that, Bro. Its creepy and you look like a pedophile." He said while sitting up and heading for the closet. We share a room but its huge. We have two separate beds, one each side. My side of the room is red, while his is black, although we share pretty most everything. We have always been close so sharing is no big deal for us, but we still have two of most all our clothes beside a band shirt here or there.
                "Hey, lets both wear this red Blood on the Dance Floor shirt, black skinnies, red vans and a checkered belt today. I feel like messing with peoples heads today." Adeon said coming from the closet holding two red shirts. I just nodded as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. As I sit up as he tosses the shirts on my bed and takes off towards the bathroom.

                "Hey, that's not right! Why would you wake me up if all your going to do is jump in the shower first?" I protested, but he couldn't hear me because the water was already running. I just sit on the bed, half asleep, trying to wake up. After a few minutes he comes out with a towel around his waist and heads for the dresser. My breathe hitches in my throat as I look him up and down.
                "Hey! You could have at least got out the rest of the clothes instead of sitting there doing nothing." He grabs us both some boxers, a pair of pants and a pair of socks. He throws them on the bed as well. I scurry grabbing my half of the clothes and going into the bathroom myself. I take my shower, finish getting ready, then we head to school.
Can twin brothers be in love? And will both return the feelings?