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Let Me Love You ~Jeff The Killer.
Story published December 27, 2013 · updated December 27, 2013 · 5 pages · 55 readers · 103 reads
The Killer Strikes
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The Killer Strikes.

  The clock struck eleven, and I threw myself onto my bed and let out a long, exaggerated sigh. I had had a long, stressful day at school. I had received my maths test back..and it wasn't looking like I would pass it in my leaving cert. I had just finished studying and was ready to pass out. I closed my eyes and drifted off, waking up an hour later after feeling a cold draft on my skin. I groaned, opening my eyes and seeing that my bedroom window was open. I raised an eyebrow, but jumped up and closed it. Who the hell opened it? I could hear my parents snoring in the next room. They wouldn't go to bed and leave my window open would they? especially not on this cold winter's night. I shivered, feeling as though someone was watching me. That's when I looked to my side, and seen the most horrid, unexpected thing ever!
It was a boy, around eighteen..standing in a corner of my room..but he was no ordinary boy. His face had a carved smile on it, and his eyes..he had no eyelids! He stared at me, a huge smirk on his face. I recognized him as 'Jeff The Killer' or maybe some crazy fan who was obsessed with the creepy pasta's. To be fair, I had read some fan fictions about him..but I never 100% expected him to be standing in my bedroom. Perhaps after reading his story, when I was frightened afterwards..but not now. I went to scream, but he rushed across the room, slapping his hand over my mouth. 
I struggled as he lay me on the bed, then hovered over me. With his free hand, he took out a silver blade, and lifted it up over his head. He tried to stab me several times, but I just kicked him off me. "Ma-!" I tried to scream, but he slapped his hand over my mouth again, then leaned close to my ear  "go to sleep" he whispered. That voice. It sounded so..deranged. 
I figured there was only one way to get out of this, so I licked his hand. He pulled his hand away in disgust, then grabbed my wrist. "I-I can be your friend!" I  whimpered out, as he gripped onto my wrist tightly. The pain was unbearable..he was trying to break it! 
"Nobody wants to be my friend..!" he growled, gripping onto my wrist tighter. I knew that he would break it soon. So I said the impossible. Something I knew I could never do..but it was the only way to get out of this. He let go of my wrist, and just as his knife went into the air, I said it.
"Wait, I can love you!" I exclaimed. "No, nobody can love me!" he hissed, going to stab me. "I can" I whispered. Then it hit me. I could. Maybe. If I put my mind to it. He paused. For once a psychotic murderer paused. "I don't believe you.." he murmured, his voice full of absolute venom and hatred.  
"Wanna bet?" I asked. My heart was beating so fast. I was only 17..I didn't deserve to die! I had been nothing but nice my whole life..! "Yes" he said. "Okay dude drop the knife..and we'll put a bet on it". He dropped  the knife onto my duvet, and hopped off me. He sat on my bed, staring at me with those unblinking eyes. "If I fall in love with cannot kill me. If I don' can kill me" I breathed. He looked away, then back at me "You do are going to die". "Do we have a deal or not?" I asked. There was a silence from his end..but I was almost certain he could hear my heart thumping in my chest. He nodded. "Great..!" I exclaimed with a smile. He smirked in return, and I could tell he was dying for my blood. He wanted my blood all over him..and I was frightened. "So how am I  going to know if you love me or not? you could easily lie". "I don't lie about stuff like that. Besides, you'll be able to tell don't worry". He nodded. There was another silence. I couldn't believe I had just escaped death. That was pure lucky! From what I had read, this guy was pure nuts! I needed to keep my guard up and be careful. No way would my friends believe me..but they needed to be told. What if they stayed over one night and he tried to come in?
"What's your name, then?" he asked me. "It's Kelsey" I replied. "Okay.." he said. We sat there for a good few minutes in silence, before he stood up on my bed. "I have to go..see you tomorrow". "Why do you have to leave?" I asked. "Sun is must do go to school, yeah?" I nodded. "Go to sleep" he whispered, but this time it wasn't scary. I lay down and closed my eyes. Just as I drifted off, I heard the window opening, then shutting. 
What a crazy night..and I hoped to high heaven I could fulfill that bet.