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Forgive and Forget
Story published 8 months ago · updated 4 weeks ago · 102 pages · 726 readers · 7,457 reads
I said no ! Ch.9
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I said no ! Ch.9

Alex POV 
I pull Becky to the side. 
"Why are we hiding behind a manikin?"she asks me. 
"Thats Peyton Ross's girlfriend well ex-girlfriend,"I say looking at Peyton who had bags under her eyes and a red nose.    
"She looks like hell,"Becky says standing up from her crouched position. I stand up as well. 
"She does,"guilt flows over me and I sigh. 
"Common lets go get that hat,"she says pulling me by the arm. We buy the hat and walk out of the store at the same time as Peyton. 
"Sorry,"I say trying to walk away. 
"Hey I've seen you before,"she says turning around to get a better look. 
"No I don't think so,"I say beginning to walk away. 
"Your the girl from the picture,"she says grabbing my arm. 
I look at her confused of what she's talking about. 
"No I think you have the wrong person,"I say trying to walk away again but her grip on my arm only tightens. 
"Let go of my arm,"I say harshly but she doesn't let go. 
"Your the girl from the picture in Ross's wallet,"she says and her expression changes to understanding. 
"He has a picture of me in his wallet?"I ask temporarily having a lapse. 
"So you do know him. Your Alex,"she says taking a step closer to me. 
Becky steps in from behind me and has a look of death on her face. 
"Look princess Im pretty sure your royal blondness doesn't know how to fight so either you let go of her arm or I'll teach you how the Mob fights got it?"she says her look scary as hell. 
"Think again, I might be a blonde but I'm not stupid. If you start a fight in here you'll be video tapped by cameras. I could find you and sue you,"she says with a smirk on her face. 
"You do know I just told you the Mob right? Or does the little princess not know what that is? Look I could beat you up with out you being able to sue me. There's this thing called having connections and I could have them steal the footage of today and you would have no evidence that it was me,"Becky says walking up to Peyton's face. Peyton tries to keep a cool look on her face but fails and release my hand. 
"Good choice pumpkin," Becky says smiling as bright as ever. Peyton glares at me and I smile at her and wave goodbye. 

"That was intense!"I exclaim as I walk into the apartment. 
"If princess is smart enough she won't breathe a word about today to anyone," Becky says triumphantly. 
"You are scary at times,"I say looking at Becky. 
"Grow up with a drunk father who happens to like beating up women you have to learn how to fight back and look tough," she says with a smile and I know that she's just trying not to be upset.
"I have to pick up Ethan and go to sleep,"I say heading out to pick up Ethan. 

I come back and Becky's on the couch talking with someone on the phone. 
"Okay bye,"she says with a goofy grin. My phone rings and I check who it is. 
_Mind if I pick you up at 5?_ The message  read and I knew it was David. 
_Sure thing I'll be ready by then_ I reply quickly and smile to myself. 
"Is it the new lover boy?" Becky asks me. 
"Yeah, it is," I say smiling. 
"I'm glad he makes you happy kiddo," she says throwing her arm over my shoulder and leading me to the kitchen for dinner. 


Im not posting again until Monday so I posted 4 chapters in one day so hope you guys last until I get back :) 

You must be the change you wish to see in the world 👑