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Story published December 28, 2013 · updated January 8, 2014 · completed · 24 pages · 11,492 readers · 137,550 reads
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(pic of clover)
CRASH! I jolted awake due to the sudden noise. My door flew open and there stood my brother with an angry glare on his face. "Where is my breakfast you little whore?" He yelled not even two inches away from my face. I winced at his tone of voice and stood up out of bed apologizing before going to walk out the door. Instead I got pulled back and my brother Luke  smacked me in the face. It stung like crazy but I was used to it by now. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me into the kitchen. I saw everyone sitting in the dining room talking among themselves. I sighed as my stomach growled, knowing that they obviously wouldn't let me eat again. I pulled out some pots and started to make my moms famous spaghetti. Just as I poured food into bowls I smelt the most amazing smell ever. It was a mixture of pine, chocolate axe and peppermint. I chose to ignore it but I felt like I should find out where the smell was coming from.

I called for everyone to come get their food and everyone ran into the kitchen impatiently grabbing their food and sitting back down at the dinning room table. No one said "thank you" or even told me it was yummy. I grabbed the leftover bowl and knew exactly who's it was. Alpha Mathew. I ran upstairs with the bowl and a fork in hand. As I got closer and closer to his office the smell of pine, peppermint and chocolate axe got stronger and stronger. I knocked on the alpha's door and he opened the door pulling me into the office. When he touched me I felt sparks run through my body and a voice in my head scream MATE! I must have whispered it because he looked at me and his eyes shot daggers as he took his bowl and placed it on his desk. He laughed and I stood there puzzled. Then he spoke. "I cant believe the moon goddess gave me a mate as ugly and useless as you, you are nothing but a pet. I could never be with someone like you. That's why I Alpha Mathew of the red moon pack reject you, Clover Ashley Davis" I felt a beastly pain in my heart. I fell to the ground in pain and Mathew looked a bit worried. No he wasn't worried he was proud. He smirked and walked away leaving me on the ground doubled over in pain.

After my heart had calmed down I decided to just work it off. I went back downstairs and cleaned up all the dishes from supper and washing them by hand as we didn't have a dishwasher. It wasn't always like this. I actually had people who cared for me and loved me but that was before the incident..... I was only 12 at the time. My brother had gone for a walk and me, mom and dad were all at home watching a few movies together. But before we could even blink a giant wolf jumped through the window and attacked my dad. My mom screamed at me to run as another wolf pounced on top of her. I couldn't move, it was like I was frozen. I watched as my parents were killed right in front of me and my dads last words were the only ones I needed. Run. I sprinted out the window and into the forest towards the pack house. Just as I got to the pack house four of our pack members ran past me towards my house. My legs felt like jelly and I fell to the floor and cried, just cried.

That was where this all began. The hate and anger I get doesn't help that I was the one who saw my mother and father ripped into pieces, not them.
Hey lovely's, I need new characters enter my contest plz. And comment it would be appreciated. no