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Just Another Fan? *(A Mindless Behavior: Roc Royal Love Stor
Story published 9 months ago · updated 7 months ago · 38 pages · 514 readers · 4,282 reads
Let The War Begin.
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Let The War Begin...

        Chresanto's P.O.V
        Mahogany came back to my room 10 minutes later with a disheveled look on her face. "Baby what's wrong?" I asked her with concern hinting in my voice. She sat on the bed, gave me a half-smile, then said in a low tone "Nothing. I got it handled." I grabbed her left hand and slipped the ring I gave her a month ago back on her ring finger. "I believe this belongs to you, miss lady." I said with a smile. Mahogany let out a little cute giggle, then she leaned over and kissed my lips softly. "This time... I want all of your love, Chresanto."she spoke softly. "It's just me and you..." "You called me Chresanto..." I chuckled lightly. "That's a first." Mahogany smiled a full smile and said "Yeah... That's who I want this relationship to be with." There was a momentary pause for a while. I crawled up to where my pillows were on my bed and laid on one side, and I pulled Mahogany on the other side and snaked my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to my body. She stared in my eyes as we laid there looking at each other. I stroked her long red-brownish hair lightly as her eyes began to flutter shut. She laid her head on my chest and fell asleep; she looked so peaceful and angelic. I got the one girl back that I was never meant to lose...

        Mahogany's P.O.V
        My eyelids slowly raised the next morning. I squinted them as they adjusted to the bright light that shone through the window, then I sat up and examined my surroundings. I remembered that I was in Roc's room. When I raised my hand to tousle my hair, I noticed something gleaming in the light. I extended my arm out and saw that I still had on the ring that Roc gave me. I smiled then looked to my left to see nothing but empty sheets. I reached over to the nightstand on my right side for my phone. I unlocked it and the time read 9:55 a.m. I stretched my arms then I slithered to Roc's private bathroom to take a shower and do my hygiene routine. When I came out, I got dressed and did my hair and makeup, and the final product looked like this:

        I went downstairs to find all the guys watching something on the plasma screen. "Hey ya'll." I said as I walked over to the couch Roc was sitting on and sat near him. "Wassup, Mahogany?" Prince and Prod said at the same time. "Hey, Mahogany." Ray said shooting me a sneaky, sly seductive smile. "You smell nice." Roc smiled as I cuddled with him on the brown love-seat. I laughed and said "Thank you?" He chuckled then said "It's just... that perfume you wear, it's my favorite scent for you to wear." I blushed then said "Well, I'll make note to get more when I run out of it." 

        I caught little side glances of Ray staring at me. Every once in a while, he would wink at me or blow me a little kiss. Roc would move his hand up and down my arm, making sure just the tips lightly brushed my skin, causing me to shudder and get goose bumps. I told Roc that I had to use the bathroom, so I pecked his lips and shimmied out of his grasp. I did my business and exited from Roc's room. When I had my back turned to close the door, I felt someone's hands slither around my waist. "He's right... You smell so delicious..." a familiar voice whispered into my ear. It was Ray Ray. I turned to face him, but he caught me off guard with that deadly kiss of his. After we broke from the kiss, I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. Ray traced my lips with his index finger, then he slid his hands down my petite body, making sure he didn't miss the touch of any of my curves. "If Roc thinks he's gonna win you back that easy..." he whispered in my ear seductively. "...then he's got another thing coming..." With that, he pecked me on my lips, smiled, then headed back downstairs to the living room, leaving me there dumbfounded...

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