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Teen Wolf Preferences [OPEN]
Story published December 28, 2013 · updated 2 weeks ago · 38 pages · 3,897 readers · 40,526 reads
How You Meet
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How You Meet

Scott: "I am so sorry!" Said a brunette boy with puppy eyes as he bumped into me. "Oh it's fine, I'm sorry! I should have been paying attention." "Are you new?" He asked. "Ya, can you tell me where the office is?"

Stiles: "Oh my god!" I said to my cousin, Lydia, as we walked through the mall. She was telling me about something these boys that she hangs out with did. "Lydia! Hey Lydia!" Said three boys as they walked up to us. "Oh hey guys. (Y/N) these are my friends I was just telling you about, meet Scott, Isaac, and -" "Stiles at your service."

Derek: "Scott, where are you going? Can we leave? I'll help pay for a new inhaler!" I ask my twin brother as he leads me and our best friend, Stiles, behind him. I just wanted to get out of this creepy forrest. Not long ago he got bitten by something that he thinks claims is a wolf. Soon a scary and insanely hot guy came and gave Scott his inhaler before warning us to stay away. "That was Derek Hale!"

Isaac: I just moved here not even a week ago and I don't know many people, yet here I am, sitting at the lacrosse game with me new friends Lydia and Allison who invited me to come with them. As I said, I'm new here, I have no other plans so why would I turn them? We cheered as the last point was made and we won. Lydia and Allison dragged me down the bleachers to meet with their friends on the team. As they introduced me to Scott and Stiles another boy with  beautiful blue eyes came up. "(Y/N), this is-" "Hi, I'm Isaac."

Aiden: Being a werewolf in Derek's pack, my life is always being threatened. Especially with the alpha pack now. "Freshmen, lots of fresh men." "You mean boys, they're like 14." I spoke to my best friend, Lydia Martin, as all the new boys walked through the doors. We both gasped as we noticed a pair of twins coming in with them. Well, they were DEFINITELY not freshmen. "DIBS!" We shouted in unison as we noticed how hot they were. "Fine, go talk to them then." She spoke. I walked over to them. "Hey I'm (Y/N)." I said as I put my hand out to shake their hands. They smirked. Oh god that smirk. "Ethan." Said the shorter one as he shook my hand. "And I, beautiful, am Aiden." Said the taller one as he grabbed my hand and, instead of shaking it, kissed it. "Trust me, you'll want to remember my name." He winked, before he left me, Ethan following. 

Ughhhh Aiden's is longer than the rest... Sorry.

Allison & Aiden will NEVER be dead to me.