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Remembering Sunday ~A Merome / ASFCanadian one-shot~
Remembering Sunday
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Remembering Sunday

Hello this is a oneshot based on the song Remembering Sunday by All Time Low. Hope you enjoy. 
(Sorry If there are any typeos I typed this on my phone at about midnight ^.^)


        Jerome woke up from his usual dream of the beauty that was once his. He checked the clock. "2:00" it Mocked him. He hasn't been sober for days. Jerome went on to his balcony leaning over the edge into the slight breeze and the memories from that first Sunday rushed to him; the ones he tried to forget with alcohol. 
       He had pulled Jerome up the stairs looking in to his eyes. While Jerome stared into his which were full of lust and absolute passion. 
       That night had been filled with deep kisses shared between the two. The two hot bodies pressing and grinding against each other. That night all you would hear do you walked up to the house would be moans and shouts of pleasure and at the beginning pain and pleasure often mixed together. 
Mitch was in the kitchen when Jerome walked in. Breakfast was over but it wasn't enough to satisfy Jerome's need to  be near Mitch. 
       This was a thing that lead on for many months. That was until Jerome bought a ring for Mitch. That same day Jerome was going to propose Mitch disappeared. 
        Jerome had called friends and family alike asking if they had seen him. Finally Jerome called Mitch's neighbor. 
      "Forgive me I'm trying to find my calling I'm calling at night but have you seen Mitch" Jerome asked
       Mitch was in his room having a breakdown. He knew Jerome wanted to  propose. He was drowning in thoughts. If he loses Jerome he won't have anything. Although Mitch for some reason just couldn't love. Tears streamed down his face when he realized Jerome would be hurt when he proposed and Mitch said he didn't love him. He wasn't ready yet.  He grabbed a couple things and went to his car.
       He drove and drove for what seemed like hours he had a letter written in his bag for Jerome. 
       He walked to the edge 

"He left earlier with a couple of things in his car." The neighbor said 
       Jerome instantly became confused
Why would Mitch just up and leave?
Mitch stood on the edge. He looked  up at the sky which was filled with dark clouds. His thoughts were scrambled together. The rain started pouring.
"I'm washing you out of my hair.  And out of my mind. "He whispered to himself. "I can't do this anymore. " he said quietly  'I'm so many thousands of feet off the ground' he thought turning around so his back was to the edge. "I'm only going to cause more pain to Jerome I can't love him and I won't lie to him it would only make both of us hurt." He carefully stepped backwards off the edge. He looked up at the clouds for one last time 'I'm going to be up there in a second' Mitch thought to himself. It was the last thought he would ever think. He hit the ground with tremendous force a crack was heard and then nothing.  His neck and spine breaking instantly. Mitch died instantaneously and without a sound from his mouth. 

Jerome had  gotten a call earlier 
"Hello is this Jerome Aceti?" the voice asked
"Yes! Yes, is this about Mitch I miss him so much I just want him back home. "
"Well.  Umm... I'm very sorry to tell you this but Mitchell Hughes was found dead earlier today it seems as though he jumped off the bridge he was found under his car was at the top and there was a letter addressed to you and we sent it over to your home. I'm very sorry for you loss." 
"Th-thank you f-or telling me um goo-goodbye. " Jerome was sobbing uncontrollably. The love of his life was gone.  He picked up the envelope he got earlier dropped off by some man in a suit. He was to worried about Mitch earlier to open it. Inside was a letter handwritten to Jerome. He read a few words and broke down he ran to his room and stayed in there for days just sleeping for hours and hours and in between sleeping he was  crying his eyes out. 
     Jerome had resorted to drinking. At first it was only enough to make him forget Mitch's death then it was just to forget his entire existence. 
       He woke up one Sunday to find that he wasn't hungover like normal memories he didn't want came rushing back to him. When Mitch had first pulled Jerome up the stairs. Them messing around playing video games. The sweet kisses they shared. Then when Jerome was told that Mitch was dead 
      Finally he grabbed the letter Mitch had wrote him.  
         "Dear Jerome, 
     I can't take it anymore. I don't love you. I'm sorry but I just can't not anymore. It wasn't that I didn't care about you I really do, but I just can't love. I don't believe in it. It will just crumble away until there's nothing left an I can't stand it. I didn't want to hurt you. And now I'm gone. I knew you loved me you would whisper it to me when you thought I was asleep and I could never say it back because I don't believe in it. I couldn't live with myself knowing I didn't love you like you did me. I'm gone now. Please move on find someone who will love you. 
 "Mitch I can't move on. You were my everything!!" Jerome yelled
'He must have cared he wrote me a letter and not anyone else. He only thought of me when he was writing it. That has to mean something' Jerome thought angrily. 
He broke down again, a waterfall of tears pouring down his face. 
Mitch watched him from his home in the clouds watching him. Towering over Jerome's head. Mitch watched as Jerome sobered up and slowly but not fully got over him. 
"Ready to go through the gates?" the patient, calm voice asked. 
      Mitch looked down at Jerome. He was sitting on his couch looking at a photo of Mitch and himself on the wall next to the tearstained letter from Mitch. Which also held the ring Jerome had bought Mitch. Mitch heard Jerome say at that moment say he would never love anyone as much as he did Mitch. 
"Don't worry I'll look over him for you." the voice commented when Mitch looked as though he couldn't just leave Jerome like that. 
"Ya I'm finally ready" he smiled. 
    As he walked through the gates something unusual happened. Wings sprouted out Of his back and a little tag that had Jerome's name on it popped up on his wrist. 
   "Hmm well it looks as if your his guardian angel." The voice said in its smooth voice " go on go to him and protect him from harm. "
  " Well I guess I'll go home now" Mitch said as he glided down toward Jerome. He wrapped his arms around him and kissed his cheek. Jerome couldn't actually feel it but he new something was there. 
"I guess I'll go home now" Mitch breathed "I guess I'll go home now. I guess I'll go home."

Thank you so much for reading. Follow me on here I'm not active on here but I am a lot more active on my wattpad so go follow me on there I will be posting a lot more on that site my name is Thefuzzbluebunny and thanks for reading. Peace ^.^
~ Bunny