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The Legacy of Merlin
Meet the parents
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Meet the parents

Harry was immediately dragged over to the area where her parents now stood, they'd moved a little closer to the area where her parents now stood, having moved a little closer. Hermione piped in with the classic introduction. "Harry these are my parents, Mum, Dad, this is Harry."

Looking up, he extended his hand to shake one of Hermione's mother's, but it seemed she would have none of that, as she reached forward and enveloped the unsuspecting boy in a hug. Harry stiffened initially at the unfamiliar arms encircling him (the only touches he'd gotten all summer were hostile, and in the goal to harm) but soon came to his senses, relaxed slightly into the embrace, and tentatively wrapped his own arms around her waist loosely. After a moment, she released him and smiled.

"Oh, it's a pleasure to finally meet you , Harry! Let me tell you, you're all our little girl ever talks about! Harry this... Harry that...,  in all of her letters!"  Harry was shocked, he'd no idea that her parents knew anything about him, or that Hermione spoke about him often. He resolved to ask Hermione about this later. Focusing on the conversation though, he could not resist the temptation to tease his best friend. "Wow really, I would have thought she'd write mostly of her studies! Especially divination, Hermione really adores that class, don't you 'Mione?"

Harry grinned over at Hermione to show that he was only joking and messing around. Her parents had immediately fell into hysterical laughter.  Hermione tried to look upset, but failed miserably and ended up joining in on the laughter as well. "Well, responded Mrs. Granger after she had calmed, I'm quite glad, maybe she could use her inner eye to tell us the numbers for the monthly lottery ticket!"

And they all went right back to laughing their heads off.

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