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Homeless, not hopeless.
Story published December 29, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 23 pages · 30 readers · 162 reads
Begining Street Li
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Begining Street Life.

~Delilah's P.O.V.~
I walked around sluggishly, dragging my heavy backpack and violin case with me. "Its gonna be hard to adjust, but I can manage." I sighed deeply, roaming the streets of New York. I decided to use my violin talents to draw in a crowd, and earn some extra cash for street life. Immediately, I wandered over to a bench in Times Square, flicking the fake golden latches open to reveal a cherry wood violin. Plucking the strings and twisting the fine tuners, I managed to get the sound nearly perfect, and pulled out the bow. I twisted the small cap on the bottom(The frog) tightening it and applying rosin to ensure that the sound was fairly decent. Once prepared, I slumped into the bench, and began to glide the bow along the strings to my favorite song, 'Hey There Delilah' By the Plain White T's. A small crowd began to form, tossing in dimes, pennies, the occasional  quarter and singles, as well as paper with songs written on them. I wasn't familiar with some of these songs, so played what I knew. Recognizing some of the lyrics, I hummed along, enjoying the decent crowd.

~Unknown P.O.V.~
A familiar sound buzzed in my ears, the sound of an elegant violin. I couldn't help but to scurry over to the crowd, and see the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, humming and gently gliding the worn out bow along the strings. I stared in awe over the heads in front of me, lifting my sunglasses slightly to get a glimpse of her eyes more clearly. 'Oh, her eyes...' I thought, and took out my wallet. Not taking a glance at the bill, a 10 dollar bill fluttered into the case. She gave me a grateful smile as she turned from her instrument, continuing to play and glanced at me softly, but turned away and kept playing. God, I need to talk to her. I managed to walk to a bench and sit, watching her effortlessly strum the bow along the stings.

~Delilah's P.O.V.~
I watched as the guy gratefully put in the ten, and glanced up at him. He looked about my age, and wore a hoodie with sunglasses. 'Odd. Its cloudy out, why would he need sunglasses?'  My mind questioned and I finished the song 'Someone like you' by Adele from one of the requests, and packed up my violin. The crowd gradually left, leaving me and my stuff. I snagged the money out of the case, leaving me with fifteen dollars. "Enough for a small meal and water." I let myself mutter and took glance of a shadow towering over me. I took glance to see the guy from earlier, the one who put in the large amount of money. 
"Thanks for the ten, I really appreciate it," I fake smiled. I looked up at him, hiding my fear. New Yorkers weren't known for being nice too much.
"Welcome, you have an amazing talent," He stated and I felt my cheeks burn up, and grabbed my backpack and case.
"Thanks." I quickly said and began to walk away, and jumped feeling a hand on my shoulder.
"I didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to know if I can have your number?" He asked, scratching his neck and looking me in the eye.
"No phone." I muttered and took a glance at flashing cameras, nearly blinded. And that was my cue to bolt out of there, so I did. 'God, what was up with that?' I thought and found a small T.V store, next to a alley where I could spend the night. Just then, one of the TV's flashed and screamed breaking news. Being curious, I went to investigate. "BREAKING NEWS!! TEEN POP SENSATION AUSTIN MAHONE SEEN WITH MYSTERY GIRL? SHE WAS SEEN LATER TODAY GOING INTO A ALLEY. DOES AUSTIN HAVE A CRUSH ON A HOMELESS GIRL?" The woman who was draped in a dress exclaimed, and the words 'EXTRA EXTRA' popped on the screen, and I rolled my eyes. "One day and i'm already on TV. This will be quite an experience." I muttered and crawled back to the alley entrance, using my violin case as a pillow, and drifted into a cold, dreamless sleep. 


Thanks for reading! Updating soon, so tell what you think! Comment, heart and follow possibly? Anyway, thanks and keep reading to see what happens, if Delilah and Austin will meet up again!