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Living with Dan Howell
Story published December 30, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · 9 pages · 51 readers · 381 reads
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Ashley pov
"Hey peej, I have something to tell you" Dan said smirking at me
"DAN NO" I screamed trying to take his phone away but failing miserably
"So Ashley likes me...and I know how much you love to tease her so....yup....see ya in a bit...bye"
He hung up the phone and smiled at me I ran towards him but Phil grabbed me.
"No fighting" he said carrying me to the couch. I rolled my eyes and started texting Sammi who was now back in America. I heard the door bell ring and ran to my room.
"Where is she?" Pj asked
"Her room" Dan answered 
I heard feet coming towards my room, I ran towards my closet and hid
" well well well...I guess you don't care if Dan reads your diary now"  I watched him walk over to my bed and grab my diary
"PJ NO!" I said following him out the door. As I was about to go into the lounge Chris grabbed me and brought me back to my room and walked out. "How stupid can he be?" I thought opening my door. It was stuck...He was standing in front of my door. "Not very" I answered myself.
"You can come out now" Chris said from behind my door. I got up and opened my door
"Dan is so cute" "I just want to kiss him" "Dan touched my hand today my accident omg" Phil,Dan,and Pj teased as I walked into the lounge. I blushed hard and sat down on the floor.
"Ash can I talk to you?" Dan asked
" sure" I answered
We walked to his room and sat on his bed
"Did you really mean everything you said in your diary?" He asked
"Yea...." I said blushing
"Well then you might enjoy this" He said cupping my cheeks and pulling me into him. Once our lips touched I felt bombs, fireworks...yes I know its cheesy but its true. We broke apart and smiled at each other.
"Awwwww" Phil,Pj,and Chris said from the door way
We both blushed and smiled at them.
"Guys I don't care if you date but NO SEX!" Phil said winking at me. I blushed deeply "Great another thing he can tease me about" I thought
"Guys...I still need to talk to her" Dan said pointing towards me
They left the room and he turned towards me
"Look ash I love you and nothing will ever change that so will you go out with me?" He smiled looking down
"Of course Dan" I said grabbing his hand
As we walked out hand in hand Peej and Chris had left and Phil was filming in the lounge
"And here's the happy couple" He said turning the camera towards Dan and I
We turned to each other and kissed
"Okay i think that's enough of the couple" he said turning the camera back to him.
No this is not the end of the story...I have plans for the end! Mwhahahahaha...Thats all - Ashwee