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I'm in Love With a Red-Eyed Monster? *Scott MCcall Love
Story published December 30, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · completed · 50 pages · 1,055 readers · 8,256 reads
Chapter 15
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Chapter 15

        It was Saturday, the day of my 17th birthday, also the day of the Full Moon. Which is all Kali gave me until she tris to kill me. I already woke up with a headace, and I felt stronger then usally. Was that supposed to happen? Or, was my Mom or Dad trying to talk to me. I guess choice 2 was right my Mom......Happy Borthday Sweetie! 17, Wow that's a big number, today is your day Hun. Go out and don't worry about Kali. She wont do anything, she was just trying to freak you out. She promised your Father and I that she wouldn't hurt you, or anyone close. So, don't worry about Scott either. Go text him. Daddy and I will talk to you later......I looked down at my chest and seen the necklace everyone was telling me to NEVER take off I looked out my window and up at the sky,"Mom, what's so big about the necklace?" I looked out for a while, then I felt a huge gush of wind behind me, I turned around and seen Scott falling onto my floor as he tried to climb my balcony. Sweet right?He had flowers in his hand, and he walked up to me cheeks really red. He must of been embrassed. I don't know why, it was pretty cute. I walked over to him and gave him a hug, 
"Hi Hun." I planted a small kiss on his lips. 
He smiled and screamed,"Happy Birthday!" I shushed him,
"Your not supposed to be here in the first place." I heard footsteps running up the hallway. Allison ripped open the door. I froze as I was setting the roses I got from Scott on my desk in a vase. She closed the door behind her and walked over to me. 
"Happy Birthday B." She gave me a huge hug and walked out to my double french doors, opened them and seen Scott. 
"Scott get in here." He got off the roof and came in my room 
I looked up at Allison,"Isn't Uncle Chris here?" She nodded. 
"Which is why both of you are coming down!" Scott looked at Allison nervus. 
"He knows I'm a werewolf, and he doesn't even want me friends with you, nevermind date his niece!" Allison shook her head. 
"My Dad and your Mom made up, they don't hate each other anymore. Calm down." My heart rate went back to a normal pace. 
        We walked down to a breakfeast made. Uncle Chris was putting eggs on a pan, he had 4 plates out. Great, he knew Scott was here. Why did he know... wait, ALLISON! I grabbed a plate for Scott and I. We sat at the table as Allison invited Isaac, Lydia, and Stiles over to. Uncle Chris got up and made more food. I heard someone knocking on the door. Who else could be coming? I opened it, and to my surprise, DEREK! I hugged him as tight as I could. Last time I seen him, he was on the Death Train. My Uncle Chris gave me a looked when I walked back into the kitchen with Derek following me. Party at my house already. Derek didn't eat anything, he just sat there and talked. Lydia,Isaac,Allison,Derek,Peter,Cora,Scott,Melissa,and Sheriff Stilinski were all here later on. 
Everyone was at the table so Scott and I decided it would be the best time to tell everyone, that we were dating. 
Scott took a deep breathe,"Okay, everyone." Scott was on the spot. 
I looked at everyone,"Scott and I have something to tell you." Melissa face dropped. She knew what was coming. 
Scott took over as I was about to say something,"Brooke and I we are dating." Everyone dropped everything, well besides Stiles,Allison,and Lydia. Because they already knew.I knew it would be a bad time! Everyone was all happy and everything, Scott and I just ruinied it. 
Uncle Chris pulled me out of the room,"When the Hell were you going to tell me! How long has this been going on!"
I froze, "I was going to tell you when I thought you could be Man enough to! My Mom and Dad had no problem with Scott being the Beta. Neither do my real parents!" He gave me a upset look. 
"Brooke who told you you were adopted?" I shook my head. 
"My REAL parents did. I always had a feeling in me that was different from everyone else in this family. Allison would be going out and trainning, using her bow and arrow killing things, while I can't kill anything. It's the family that kills the werewolves, not the bullet. SO, you knew and didn't tell me. Whe were you going to tell me!" He looked at me confused. 
"What do you mean your real parents?" I felt myself start to cry. 
"I talk to them, whenever I get a headace, they start talking to me! I'm not what you think!" I walked back out into the kitchen as Scott was fight-ing with his Mom about something. I ran upstaris and got changed into one of Scott's sweatshrts he gave me hte first day I met him. I still have the damn thing. I started to cry more and heard the door slam. I ran down and seen Scott gone. I ran out and seen him running down the street. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and he slid his arms around my waist. I felt a tear drop on HIS sweater he gave me. 
He pulled away and looked at me,"Calm down okay. The only ones that hate us going out is your Uncle and my Mom. Okay, everyone else was so happy." I smiled and looked into his brown eyes. 
"Scott, I can't deal with the pain of your Mom hating me." He kissed me trying to have me calm down. He pulled away and turned around to see his Mom and Uncle Chris. 
His Mom walked towards Scott, and took him by the arm,"Come on Scott, her Uncle and I decided that you two can not date. You guys are from two different worlds." Scott began to walk away until he stopped. He walked back over to me with my Uncle holding me by the arm. 
"No,No,NO! That's not going to happen." My Uncle gave him a death glare. I ripped out of his grip and ran to Scott. 
"Scott, and I heave been through too much for this. I had a crush on him since the 9th grade, when I was going to Beacon Hills for a bit before my parents died,I don't care if you ground me to my room or anything, Scott and I aren't breaking up."
Stiles and Allison walked out, Allison walked over to Scott and I,"Dad I'm sorry but I'm with them. You have no clue how long I was on two phones with the both of them talking about how much they loved the other." Stiles walked over to Scott and I too. 
"Yeah, sorry Mrs.McCall and Mr.Argent, but I'm with them,Scott was talking about this women non-stop." I laughed, and my vision got blurry. REALLY INFRONT OF MY UNCLE THAT"S NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS! 
        I was looking in my kitchen, Isaac and Lydia were the only ones in there All of a sudden Jackson came out and attacked Derek, paralyzing him. Lydia next her falling to the ground. Peter and Cora trying ot fight him off. Isaac just yelling Scott's name. Was this a dream? I was standing there in the corner as all this happened. I felt a spark tingle through my body. Two more people walked into the room. Kali and Deualion.
Kali looked up at me,"Looks like little Miss over here got her powers. Now, how does she control it? With the necklace that's around her neck. Without that she's powerless. Just like her Mom when I ripped her body to shreads. You seen it. The nightmares your having, yeah those are memories. You were there when your Mom was ripped to shreads. Don't you remember. I ripped her throat out at the end. Remember, don't you. Your Dad was easy, he gave himself up. As long as I protected you. And, I'm breaking that promise." She ran towards me and clawed me at my stomach, it healed? I looked at myself in the mirror, I was a...!