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My CreepyPasta Stories
Story published 8 months ago · updated 8 months ago · 5 pages · 190 readers · 209 reads
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        A girl with long raven black hair and leaf green eyes ran along the sidewalk. She swung her backpack over her shoulder and she skidded to a halt as she approached the school. She pulled the wooden door open as she stepped inside, hoping the bell didn't ring anytime soon. She walked swiftly as she roamed the halls, and she saw her destination a bit before her, and she quickened her pace. As soon as she entered the room, the bell rang throughout the school. She sighed in relief as she placed her backpack against the wall. She went to her desk and pulled her chair out and sat down.

        A girl next to her snickered, and the girl turned her head and looked at her "What's so funny?" She asked the girl with a puzzled look on her face.

        The girl looked back at the girl and her smile grew "You're right Jessie. When's Skye's late, her face is even more ugly." The girl covered her mouth as she tried to stop herself from laughing. Skye rolled her eyes and she looked ahead as she paid attention to what her teacher was saying.

        After Skye's classes were over, she picked up her bag and exited out of the room. She went into the busy hallway, squeezing past people, trying to get through. But then, somebody shoved her, and she stumbled to the floor. The people around her stopped, and they all started laughing.

        Skye smiled at them, and faked a laugh. "Ha ha. Very funny guys. You got me." Skye stood up once more, and as she brushed herself off, somebody pinned her to the closest wall.

        The blonde girl smiled, her lips fire red, and Skye remarked "Nice lipstick Jessie. Its the same colour as your personality." Jessie blew a pink bubble, and then it popped in Skye's face.

        "What ya doin' ugly?" Jessie smiled as she chewed her gum. Skye then saw that there were two other girls behind her. Jessie then slapped Skye, and shouted in her ear "Answer me b--"

        "I'm in school. I thought that I could learn here, like everybody else." Skye rubbed her cheek a bit, and Jessie rolled her eyes.

        "Well you're not like anybody else, okay?" Jessie threw Skye to the ground, and Skye looked up at her while rubbing the top of her her head. 

        "What do you mean by that? I have eyes, ears, a beating heart. There is nothing different about me." Skye stood up, looking at Jessie, staring into her dark blue eyes.

        Jessie pushed Skye back into the wall, and Skye groaned in pain "Get out of my face! You're nothing like me, you're not like any one, and you never will be." Jessie kicked Skye in the gut before walking off with her friends. Skye got up, clutching her stomach, and she groaned.

        A tall slim man walked toward her, and he helped her stand up straight. "Would you like to go home Skye?" He looked at her with a straight face, not even trying to smile. 

        Skye nodded as she tried to smile at him "Yes Mr. Harvie."Mr. Harvie led Skye down the hallway, and as she walked along, she could hear the chatter of the other students in the lunch room. Skye looked at the open doors, and saw Jessie smirk at her. Skye went outside, Mr. Harvie, staying behind, and Skye walked back home, thunder booming above her.

        Skye stuck the key in the handle and turned it along with the doorknob. She pulled the door open, and stepped inside. She threw her backpack at the wall and left it there. Skye then walked into the kitchen, and opened the fridge. She brought out a package string cheese, and tore it open. She closed the door to the fridge, and saw a white piece of paper with words scribbled on it. She took the note and she walked over to the living room while reading it.

        "Dear Skye," Skye started reading out loud "As you already know, we were planning a vacation. However, since we knew you couldn't leave school and we wanted some alone time, we decided this vacation would be for us only. Since you're sixteen, we know that you can take care of yourself, and that you're very responsible. We love you very much and hope that you'll be safe. Love, Mom and Dad."

        Skye rolled her eyes as she threw the note aside. She then went over to the couch and grabbed the remote "Yeah right. When did they ever care about me." Skye then pressed the power button on the remote and saw the TV screen flash on.

        Skye laid on the couch, eating her snack and watching her favourite show. She just stayed still not doing anything. Skye held up the remote and pressed the time button, and she read "Oh crap. I have get ready for tomorrow." Skye stood up and left the remote and snack on the couch as she hurried upstairs. She went into the bathroom, and started cleaning it up. 

        As she tossed the dirty clothes into the laundry, she glanced at the bathroom mirror, and just looked at herself. She turned towards it, and saw her jeans, her black long-sleeved shirt, her leaf green eyes, her long black hair, and her face. She then started to cry when she looked around her left eye. She felt around it, feeling the dips around the top and bottom. She looked down, wiping the tears from her face. She looked back at the mirror, and moaned "They don't like me because of my scar."

        Skye looked at her scar, it was a jagged scar, somewhat shaped like a lightning bolt, at least that's what she liked to think. She then shut her left eye, seeing that her eyelid also had some of the scar. She sighed, and went to the laundry room and tossed the dirty clothes in the washing machine, and turned it on.

        Skye went to her room, grabbed her pillow, and plopped onto her bed. She held the pillow before her head, and placed her head onto it. Skye then started sobbing uncontrollably, and she cried out. "Its true! I am ugly! I am weird! I am different! And its all because of my stupid scar! Its not my fault though, I was born with it! Why do I have to bear this curse?!" Skye tossed and turned until she cried herself to sleep. She sobbed in her dreams, but then she blinked her eyes open, and sat up, rubbing her eyes.

        She looked at her nearby watch, and sighed. "It's only eleven thirty." Skye stretched her arms, and she smelled the air. Her eyes widened, and she looked at her closed door.

        "Fire!" Skye jumped off her bed and ran towards the door. She quickly turned the handle, and saw flames spreading throughout the house. Skye looked back at her room, but then saw the outside of her window being consumed by the fire. She then faced the hallway, and unsure what to do, she ran. She dodged burning debris and jumped over the flames as she tried to escape her own home. When she reached the end of the hallway, the roof collapsed above her, and trapped her.

        Skye tried moving the logs, and as soon as she did, fire was singing her skin. She screamed in pain, and continued moving the logs. Once free, she found that the stairs were broken and weak, but anyway, she ran down them as she tried to evade the flames. She skidded to a halt as the fire , and went in front of her. She looked at the fire, mesmerized by its glory and light. It danced as it burned down her home. Skye looked up when she heard creaking, and she saw that the ceiling was ablaze.

        Skye started panicking as she searched for a way out of this living hell. Skye covered her mouth with her sleeve to prevent herself from choking. She then climbed onto the metal table, trying to stall her inevitable death. She stared at the fire as it engulfed her, scorching her skin and singing her hair. Her clothing ignited when the flames touched her. She screamed in pain as she was being consumed. Skye looked ahead and saw a different light. She jumped over the fire, limping from her new burns, and reached her hand towards the light. Her burned pants held her back. and she tried to tug herself free, but then the flames crawled up her leg, she then glanced at the bright source, and she crawled over to it.

        Now covered in burns, her hair singed, and her clothes burned, Skye had finally reached her destination. She smiled, happy with what she had accomplished. When she set her sight on it her mouth dropped in horror.

        Sirens wailed in the distance as they approached the burning house. The brave firemen took their hoses and attempted to put out the house fire. Once it was done, the fire men searched for any survivors. A small man with a red hat and a yellow suit came out of the remains of the house and shook his head.

        A tall man rubbed his head, confused "This is the third house this week. Ever since Skye Cicatrice died in a house fire, there have been more than ever."

        A police car pulled out to the house, and looked at the debris "No survivors?" The firemen shook their heads, and a disappointed sigh came from the cop. "Have you guys thought that this Skye could be doing this? No body was found at her house, just burnt clothes and hair." The firemen all looked at one another, all thinking if it was possible.

        A firemen with his helmet off rolled his eyes and said "Come on, its late, we can all figure this out later." the others all nodded in agrrement, and the officials drove away in their vehicles.

        A girl then stepped from a bush nearby the burnt house. She looked at it with a faint smile upon her face. She then took out a small box and struck a match. She held it out in front of her face, and smiled as she looked at the dancing flame. "They will all burn."