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BEN x reader
Story published December 31, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 6 pages · 226 readers · 494 reads
BEN x reader
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BEN x reader

You were walking in your hallway about to enter your room until you saw a girl around 16 or 17. She had wavy chest length black hair, black eyes, a bright orange sweater, a black tank top, black skinny jeans, black & neon vans, bloody tears on her face, and what looked like black wolf ears and a tail? She was sitting down on your sofa wearing gray and jade headphones around her neck while playing video games on her black phone. You let out a squeak of surprise and the stranger snaps her head around to your direction. "Mierda." You heard her whisper and in a blink of an eye she was gone. You sighed in relief and turned around only to see her face again with a smile on her face showing her sharp white canine teeth. "Hi! I'm DW." She said in a cheerful voice. You were about to scream until she covered your mouth. 'She sounds familiar, plus her name sounds familiar too.' You thought in your head. "Okay I'm going to take my hand away from your mouth but you have to promise you won't scream or else you won't like your ending results." She says with an evil giggle at the end and you nod your head. She let you go and whispered out a name, "Wolfex!" All of the sudden she was pinned down by a ... WOLF!?! The wolf licked her face and she was laughing so hard her face was turning red due to lack of oxygen. I look at them confused but turned shocked when I remember who she was before.... well what ever happened to her." Demon Wolf?" I ask hoping I was correct. Wolfex and DW stopped and looked my way. DW smiled and got up from the floor dusting herself off while stretching her arms out." Yup it's me,(Y/N)." She said. I ran up to her, hugging her tightly and she did the same to me. I pulled away and asked," Where have you been and what happened to you?" I ask to my long time lost best friend." Well ummm..... it's kind of hard to explain." She said scratching the back of her head nervously. I sigh." I guess it doesn't matter any more ju-" I was cut off By a thump in my room and DW plus Wolfex disappearing into my room. I went into my room and gasped at what I saw. A boy that resembled Link was on my floor rubbing his head with his eyes closed. I stare at him and see bloody tears on his face just like DW. He opens his eyes and stares at me too. He had black ayes with red irises and his hair was a dirty blonde. DW stares between us and walks out the room with a depressed aura around her. Wolfex growls a little and walks after her. We snap out of our trance once we hear my back door being slammed shut. He looks at my door with hurt in his eyes and he frowns with sigh." What's wrong?" I ask him with concern and he just gets up dusting his clothes off." Nothing. I'm BEN." He says with a fake smile." I'm (Y/N) and so not to be rude or anything but why are you in my house?" I ask him brushing off the smile." Well I know this is going to sound weird but I've been keeping an eye on you and I like you." He says blushing a little and my (e/c) eyes widen."I-I like you too BEN." I say blushing and he grins at me. He lifts up my chin and kisses me closing his eyes. I gasp and he takes the opportunity to plunge his tongue in my mouth. I moan and close my eyes wrapping my arms around his neck while kissing him back. He wraps his arms around my waist and deepens the kiss. He breaks us apart and walks to my computer." I'll see you tomorrow okay (Y/N)." He says and I look out my window to see it was dark." Okay, bye BEN." I say smiling to him. He smiles at me and goes into my computer.
Hi most of the pictures will be made by me and you will be able to easily know which ones are. I hope you enjoy this story and please comment because I would like to know how I'm doing with the story so far. Of course you don't have to cause I mean you do what you want to do and I won't force you to comment. That's all for now be cause I'm writing this at 2:23 A.M. Have a good night / Day. 
~DemonWolf yes