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Never Going Back To Neverland
Story published January 1, 2014 · updated 6 months ago · 4 pages · 479 readers · 1,147 reads
Do I look Like Jan
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Do I look Like Jane to you?

Before you read the girl in the picture is Jenny now let's go off to Neverland!

" Mother do you honestly believe that Peter Pan is real." I said to my mom who clamies that she has been to Neverland before." Oh Jenny dear you must not say thing like that in front of you brother and sister I only wish you would see the truth of what I am saying." Jane said and smiled at the two young ones." Now off to sleep the goth of you or Hook will take you away on his pirate ship and make you all mop the deck." She laughed and kissed them on the cheek then stood up to hug me." Jenny once you go to Neverland things will change for you I promise." She said and kissed my forehead and walked out of the room and shut my door." pirate ships and Peter Pan all childish nonsense." I said then walked to my window and opened and voice here me said." Second star to the right and straight on till morning." I had looked up and saw him Captain Hook the meanest most rude person in Neverland." C-captin Hook..." I said and backed away from my window then bumped into another one of his crew members and her put tape on my mouth and carried me to his ship." I will destroy his lovely girlfriend Jane if he doesn't give me my  blasted treasure back." He said talking to someone I couldn't quite make out cause he was blocking my view." B-but captain i don't think this is Jane remember last time we took her cause we thought she was Wendy." The voice said and it hit me that's Smiee. I had continued to listen to their conversation and Hook was so sure that I was my mother Jane. I had fallen asleep. On the ship but was rudly awakened when someone grabbed me and hung me by my waist over the water and I saw a huge shark staring up at me smirking." Peter Pan the treasure or the girl's life." He said with his hook on the rope that was kkeping me from falling to my death." Neither you dirty codfish." He said flying to me and quickly cut the rope and grabbed me taking me to safety." Thank you Peter." I said smiling then looked at him I had never thought Peter would be this cute in person ." No need to thank me Jane." He smiled and sat in a chair." I was sacred to tell Hook something but I will tell you my name is not Jane its Jenny." I said and crossed my arms." Perter simeled and laughed." Well you could have fooled me you act just like her and I'm guessing she is your mother." I nodded and sat on the bed and the twins came in screaming." Peter he hit me." They said pointing at one another making him and I both laugh."Guys welcome Jenny she will be staying with us for a while." He smiled then looked at me and I just nodded.

Faith, Trust, and  alittle bit of  Pixie Dust