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Save me from the darkness. (Ichigo love story)
Story published January 2, 2014 · updated 8 months ago · completed · 25 pages · 88 readers · 634 reads
New student
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New student

        "Did you guys here about the new student that's joining us today?" Orihime asked Tatsuki and Ichigo.
        "New student?" Tatsuki looked confused.
        Orihime nodded "Yeah, she's supposed to show up sometime today." She sat in her desk, looking at her friends.
        The bell rang just as the teacher walked in, slamming a book down on her desk "Alright, everyone to your seats we have a new student." She turned to the door "Why don't you come in and introduce yourself?"
        A girl with long black hair, pulled back into a high pony tail walked in. She turned to face the class, her charcoal colored eyes scanning the room "My name is Kurami Ishihara." She bowed respectfully "It's very nice to meet you all."
        The teacher turned to the class "Any questions?"
        Orihime instantly raised her hand "Is that your natural eye color or are those contacts?"
        Kurami smiled a bit "Natural."
        Keigo was next "Will you be my girlfriend?"
        "Sorry, but I'm taken." Kurami inwardly sighed.
        Tatsuki raised her hand "Are you good at martial arts?" 
        Kurami nodded "I was ranked number one in the national judo tournament."
        Tatsuki was in shock. "Alright, no more questions. Miss Ishihara take a seat behind Mister Ishida. Uryu please raise your hand." Uryu raised his hand a bit and Kurami took the seat behind him.
        When lunch finally arrived, Orihime and Tatsuki instantly ran over to Kurami "Would you like to have lunch with us?" Orihime asked sweetly.
        "Um, sure but can I ask you two something first?"
        Both girls nodded to the new student.
        "Do you know a Rukia Kuchiki?"
        Orihime nodded "Yeah. Rukia is one of my friends. Would you like me to take you to her?"
        Kurami quickly stood up "Would you?"
        Orihime smiled and nodded "Sure! Just follow me!"
        Orihime and Tatsuki led Kurami up to the roof where Ichigo, Chad, Keigo, Mizuiro and Rukia were.
        Kurami walked passed Tatsuki and Orihime "Rukia!" She shouted getting the girls attention. Rukio instantly dropped the juice box she was holding and her eyes widened.
        "K-Kurami...I-I thought you were dead..." Rukia said still in a shocked state. Kurami smiled and ran over to her childhood friend, hugging her tightly.
        "I thought I had died too but I'm okay. When I found out you were here I had to come see you." Kurami said pulling away to look at her friends face. Everyone around them were confused to no end.
        "Oh, right." Rukia started, pulling away "Kurami here is my best friend. We've known each other since we were kids. Two years ago there was a terrible accident and I thought Kurami had died but she's right here!" Rukia squealed and hugged her friend.
        Kurami laughed a bit "I'm so happy I found you." Kurami hugged back. Then she realized something "Aren't you going to introduce your friends, Rukia?"
        Rukia blinked "Oh, right. This is Ichigo, Chad, Orihime, Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuiro and Keigo." She motioned to each one as she introduced them.
        "It's nice to meet you all." She looked at Ichigo and stared for a moment.
        Ichigo arched a brow "What?"
        "Um, sorry if this is rude but can I touch your hair?" Kurami asked a bit shyly.
        Ichigo couldn't help but blush a bit "U-Uh, sure."
        Kurami reached up and gently ran her fingers through his hair "Oh wow! It's so soft." Kurami looked at Ichigo and her eyes widened. She quickly stumbled away, tears in her eyes.
        "Kurami, what's wrong?" Rukia asked worried.
        "H-He looks like....Kaien..." Kurami choked out and Rukia's eyes widened.
        Rukia's eyes softened with sorrow "Oh, Kurami..."
        "Who's Kaien?" Ichigo asked confused.
        Kurami shook her head "I have to go.." She quickly ran into the building and down the stairs.
        "Kaien was Kurami's boyfriend but...he died a while back. She was devastated by it..." Rukia explained.
        Orihime looked after Kurami "That's so sad. Were they close?"
        "Extremely. The two were in love. They had planned on getting married and even one day starting a family." Rukia looked down "After his death Kurami wouldn't let another man into her life. She believes that by loving another, she is betraying Kaien.."

        Ichigo shook his head "That's just crazy. I'm sure this Kaien guy would want her to move on and be happy."
        Rukia nodded "He would but none of her friends could ever get her to see that.."

Author's note: I know Kaien was married to Miyako but just for this story he isn't.

Up until the day I met you, I have been floating in an eternal sea of darkness but now I am surrounded by your loving light.