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The Forgotten Generation (Warrior Cats Fan-Fic)
Story published 10 months ago · updated 9 months ago · 30 pages · 57 readers · 311 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

-Icypaw is the cat in the picture-

It took Bravepaw a few moments to analyze what was happening in her camp. Then she recognized the screeches and hissing, they were those of a battle.
Bravepaw almost jumped out of her pelt as she tore out of the den to find her Clan being attacked by another Clan, DarkClan!
In the few moments she had been standing outside she was already targeted. She recognized Thunderscratch’s tall body a second before he collided with her.
She hissed furiously but it did nothing to stop the DarkClan warrior. She felt claws rake down her side and stifled a squeal of agony.
Bravepaw leapt backwards to get away for a quick second, and then jumped back at the fierce warrior. She bit down hard into the back of his neck and soon afterward she felt blood seep into her mouth.
Thunderscratch let out a hiss of pain and anger. He was quick to retreat from the battle, but Bravepaw knew that wouldn’t be the last of it.
Why are they attacking us? Bravepaw thought anxiously. What’d we do to DarkClan? Bravepaw barely had time to think before she was barreled over again by another cat, this time by an apprentice, Amberpaw.
“Your crowfood you little kit!” she taunted as she dug her claws into Bravepaw’s flank. I’m not a kit mouse-brain! Bravepaw corrected the apprentice in her mind.
“Foxdung!”  Bravepaw spat as she tried to reach her enemy’s neck to bite, but she was completely out of reach. Bravepaw struggled under the weight of her opponent, but she found the more she fought to get free, the worse she hurt.
Bravepaw suddenly heard a familiar battle cry and felt a heavy weight being lifted off of her. She sprang up to see Starlingstrike fling Amberpaw away from her. He stood over her, one paw on her neck, and hissed. Amberpaw struggled under his weight, but it did nothing to change the fact that she was trapped.
        Starlingstrike let Amberpaw go and she fled away from the battle. Bravepaw nodded her thanks to her mentor and he returned it.
        The DarkClan warriors were finally clearing out one by one. Bravepaw could now easily see the wounded MistClan cats; Icypaw had a deep leg wound, Rubyfoot with a couple scratches on her face, Paleclaw was limping towards Thrushtail’s den, her flanks heaving violently for air, and there were still more after that.
But what startled Bravepaw the most was the unmoving black shape laying on the sandy floor of the clearing. It was Blackforest.
At that same moment she heard an agonized wailing from across the clearing, and she saw Snowstar running towards Blackforest’s body and thrusting his nose into her blood-soaked fur.
“Shiverstar!” he hissed furiously after a moment’s silence. “He killed her! Oh, StarClan why?” wailed Snowstar. Other cats had now begun to join in the wailing, including Blackforest’s apprentice, Fallenpaw. Some cats came to comfort Snowstar by rubbing their muzzles against his side.
Bravepaw joined in the wailing, grieving for her lost deputy. Blackforest was a loyal warrior and though Bravepaw wasn’t close to her, she was still very upset.
Snowstar walked into his den and there was a short while where he did not come back out.
Bravepaw looked up at the shining stars of Silverpelt and thought she watched another star suddenly appear right before her eyes. You must be Blackforest. She thought silently to the star. You were a noble warrior and your death was not in vain. Bravepaw told Blackforest through a silent prayer to her StarClan spirit.
Snowstar came out of his den and leaped up onto the highrock.
“The time has come to appoint a new deputy.” He announced, though his voice was shaky and weary. “I say these words before StarClan and Blackforest’s spirit so that they may hear and approve my choice. The new deputy of MistClan will be Starlingstrike.” proclaims Snowstar.
 Starlingstrike stands up and bows his head to his leader.
“I am honored to be MistClan’s deputy. I promise that I will defend and serve my Clan with my life.” He meows solemnly.
Snowstar bows his head to his new deputy and proceeds talking.
“DarkClan was attacking our camp because they wanted our territory.” began Snowstar.
“DarkClan has a blood thirsty leader right now and he would drive all of MistClan, FireClan, and MudClan out of the forest if they had the chance. We mustn’t let that happen! Cats of MistClan, we must show Shiverstar that he cannot take what he wants of the forest without a fight. We are warriors, not soft-hearted kittypets! We will fight for what’s rightfully ours!” bellowed Snowstar. A murmuring of agreement erupted from the MistClan cats below him.
“And we will avenge the death of our lost deputy!” he added, bellowing even louder.
A chorus of yowling came from the MistClan cats as they cried their agreement. Bravepaw joined in with Icypaw at her side. She casted a brief glance at Shadowtail to see he was sitting in complete silence, staring down at his two front paws which were overlapped neatly by his tail.
“Icypaw!” hissed Bravepaw as she flicked her tail towards Shadowtail. Icypaw narrowed his eyes as a glimpse of fury flashed through them.
“Traitor!” he spat angrily. Bravepaw gave his side a gentle lick to calm him down.
“But, that’s my mentor!” he snarled.
“My mentor is a traitor!” he added glancing at Bravepaw for a split second.
“Calm down Icypaw! Maybe there’s something behind this.” Bravepaw suggested. She didn’t like it when her friend was angry.
“Ok, ok, but why do you think he’s looking all guilty like that?” Icypaw wondered. Bravepaw just gave her head a small shake.
“What if he’s meeting with cats from another Clan, like um… DarkClan!” insisted Icypaw. “What if he knew this would happen and he didn’t even bother telling Snowstar!”
“Icypaw quit making assumptions! Just chill out a little bit.” Bravepaw got up and limped over to Thrushtail’s den, ending the conversation after giving Icypaw’s flank a gentle flick with her tail.
“Hello Bravepaw.” Thrushtail exclaimed. “Would you like something to treat those scratches?” she asked.
“Yes, please.” Bravepaw mewed. She flinched as Thrushtail lathered a concoction of multiple different herbs onto her cuts and they began to sting badly, but she kept telling herself that the medicine cat knew what she was doing.
“That should do it! Take these few poppy seeds with you so you can get a peaceful rest, even with all that burning.” explained Thrushtail as Bravepaw exited her den.
“Thanks Thrushtail!” Bravepaw called over her shoulder as she went through the fern tunnel that leads out of Thrushtail’s den.
Bravepaw was heading over to the apprentices’ den to sleep when she saw the first rays of sun peeking over the horizon. She realized that it wasn’t unlike DarkClan to try and lead a night ambush to raid the MistClan camp.
Icypaw was emerging from the apprentices’ den closely followed by Flowerpaw when Bravepaw approached them.
“Well would you look at your pelt!” exclaimed Flowerpaw tauntingly when she saw Bravepaw.
“It’s got more scratches on it than a dead, rotting squirrel in the middle the Thunderpath!”
“Look who’s talking.” Icypaw mewed as he stared at Flowerpaw’s own pelt. It too, was pretty beaten up.
Flowerpaw narrowed her eyes and then walked off towards the fresh-kill pile.
“Could there be a bigger know-it-all in the forest?” Icypaw murmured as he flicked his tail in Flowerpaw’s direction. Bravepaw gave a short chuckle at her friends funny-but-true comment.
“No really, she should request to change her name to Smartypaw!” Bravepaw shook her head but couldn’t suppress a giggle.
At the same moment Bravepaw watched the last of Shadowtail’s tail disappear through a tiny hole in the camp wall. Sneaking out of camp? She thought to herself when she was done giggling.
“I’m going to go out hunting.” She lied. She didn’t like lying to her friend, in fact she hated it. But she had to find out what was up with Shadowtail and she didn’t need Icypaw to get them both caught because of his loud ranting about how disloyal his mentor is to the Clan.
“Alright, see you later for a piece of fresh-kill?” he asks with a flicker of hope in his eyes.
“Of course!” Bravepaw replied cheerily, trying not to cause suspicion between her and Icypaw. Icypaw nodded, then turned around and headed for to the elders’ den, probably to go carry out his duties of taking care of the elders’.
Bravepaw was glad that Icypaw hadn’t asked to come with her. She wouldn’t have been able to come up with a reason why he couldn’t without making Icypaw doubtful that she was actually going to be hunting.
Bravepaw left the camp through the gorse tunnel, the normal way out, so that she didn’t cause suspicion, but she immediately went around the camp to the spot where she thought she saw Shadowtail exit the camp.
Sure enough, his scent was found there, fresh and recent. She followed the trail down the ravine, and towards DarkClan territory. Oh please, StarClan no. She pleaded as she thought of all the things Shadowtail could do to betray his Clan, or the warrior code, in this way.
Bravepaw crept towards the MistClan border line. What she saw was something she never expected from Shadowtail, something she’d never seen before in her life.
Shadowtail sat waiting at the DarkClan border and Bravepaw watched as a beautiful she-cat emerged from the ferns. Bravepaw recognized her as a DarkClan queen named Shadepool, who already had two kits, Pantherkit and Crystalkit.
There was no hostility in the way she bounded towards him. As soon as they met, Shadowtail pressed his muzzle up against hers and gave her ear one quick lick in a sign of affection. Shadepool’s two kits scrambled out of the bushes behind her and ran to meet Shadowtail, who touched noses with them both. It all hit Bravepaw with a jolt that nearly knocked her over.
Shadowtail was in love with a DarkClan warrior and already had two kits with her.
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