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Captain America (The true story)
Story published January 5, 2014 · updated 8 months ago · 4 pages · 34 readers · 50 reads
Chaper 1
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Chaper 1

        I am Alfred F. Johnston. I may also be known as Captain America. My best friend Toris, or Buckey, joined the military. I also want to join the military. But I keep being turned down for specific reasons (To weak, scrawy, and health conditions). So after being declined one day, I went to the movies by myself.
        "War continues to rabid Europe and Asia." I listened to the announcer on the movie speak. The movie was in black and white and showed soldiers in the war. "Help is on the way! Every able bodied young man is lining up to serve his country."
I watched as I listened to the patriotic music play in the background, and a young boy was throwing scrap metal around. "Even little Timmy is doing his part. Collecting scrap metal. Nice work, Timmy!"
"Who cares?!" Some loud mouth down on the front row shouted. "Play the movie already!" "Hey! Wanna show some respect?" I asked the man formally.
"Meanwhile over seas, our brave boys are showing the Axis Powers that the price of freedom is never too high."
"Lets go! Get on with it!" The loud mouth shouted again. "Hey! Just start the cartoon!" He held out the 'oon' in cartoon. I leanded forward, "Hey! Wanna shut up!" I snapped on the guy. Today had not been a good day, and I didn't need this guy messing it up.
"Together with the Allied forces we'll face any threat no matter the size." As the movie announcer talked, the loud mouth got up and turned to look at me. He was a big guy. "Lets take this outside, Strech." The guy then dragged me outside into an alley next to theather.
        The loud mouth threw me into a corner with metal trashcans. I struggled to me my feet and the guy punched me square in the face. The punch sent me back and into the corner again. But I scrambled to my feet again, this time I held a garbagecan lid up to protect myself. But this guy, this bully, ripped my 'shield' away and punched me square in the face again. I fell back into my corner. But instead of staying down like what some tiny men like me would do. I got right back up. Even though my jaw and shoulder hurt like crazy, I just rolled off.
        "You just don't know when to give up. Do ya strech?" I sighed. "I can do this all day, Bully." I then got in a fighting position and went to punch him. Sadly for me, he blocked. And delivered another punch square in the face. I fell to ground. My body hit the ground but face hit the trashcan. "Hey!" A fimiliar voice rang through the alley. I knew that voice. It was Buckey. "Pick on someone your own size." Buceky spat. The bully threw a punch at Buckey, but missed. So Buckey, threw back a punch and hit him square in the face. Buckey kicked his butt out of the alley.
        I looked at Buckey. He was dressed in his brown military outfit, and his hat was cocked to the side slightly. He walked over to me, "Sometimes I think you like getting beat up, Alfred." I got up and rubbed my forehead, which was now throbbing. I dropped my declined military papers at somepoint when I was getting beat up. Buckey picked up my papers, "Whats this?" He read it. "Oh, so your from Paramus now? You know its illegal to lie on your resume form, Alfred." He tapped the paper. "And seriously, Jersey?" He scolded me.
        I sighed. "You get your orders?" I tried changing the subject. He grinned. "One o' seventh. Sergeant Toris Barners will be shipping out to England, tomorrow." I looked down. "I should be going..." I muttered and brushed off some dirt from my jacket. Buckey chuckled. "C'mon man. Its my last night! We gotta get you cleaned up." I glanced around. "Why? Where are we going?" "The Future." He grinned. I knew what he was talking about. He was talking about the world fair or to be technical, the World Exposition of Tomorrow. "So I now why we're going out. But why do have to look nice, Buckey?" Buckey chuckled and grinned. "Cause I got us dates, Little Buddy." I became nervous, what if the girls wanted to dance while we were there? I can't dance. I have two left feet! What if I made a fool of myself? I wouldn't be able to stand it because i'd be so embarressed. Buckey chuckled. "It'll be alright, Little Buddy. Relax."