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Top Ten Creepiest Things In Pokemon
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Most players will have some vague knowledge in regards to the origin of Pokemon. Mentioned in passing, there are some hints dropped about how Pokemon have come from outer space. While partly correct, this is just the tip of the iceberg in this matter, and reveals something much, much darker. Enter, Pokerus. Pokerus is a rare virus that spreads from Pokemon to Pokemon, increasing their strength and rapidly enhancing their growth. While this seems like just another creepypasta, this virus is real. It has been an actual stat-altering gameplay element as far back as the second generation. Most people have never heard of it because it is so rare. In fact, Bulbapedia even states that Pokemon have a 3 in 65, 536 chance of infection. In game, this virus can spread to uninfected Pokemon in your party and even to humans (lets not think about that part). The virus causes extreme mutation (So THAT'S how Creepachu came to be!!) and is explained as the origin of Pokemon. This explains why the majority of all Pokemon closely resemble real animals. So knowing what this virus does to animals, what does it do to infected humans? Sooner or later, all of the humans will have the disease, and will freakishly mutate just like Pokemon. Some argue that this is already happening in children (so is this why they dress up as Pokemon sometimes?), which explains why they are so smart and strong enough to leave home at such an early age. Sooner or later, civilization will collapse and only human-Pokemon hybrids will roam the world.